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Are International Furniture Removals Safe During COVID-19?

In short, yes international furniture removals are safe under the current level of COVID-19. There are different levels and rates of infection across the world, but with international travel slowly re-opening the process of international moving is currently a little easier. What planning is involved in international furniture removals? Start planning early. As removal companies, […]

Why the big jump in South Africans moving to Canada?

Nicholas Avramis of Beaver Immigration says immigration consultants have seen a jump in South Africans moving to Canada.   Reasons South Africans are moving to Canada   Avramis added that the while crime remains a concern for many of the applicants, the major narrative is that skilled South Africans are seeking better economic prosperity.   […]

Why are so many South Africans moving to New Zealand?

New Zealand published its latest immigration data showing the number of people that have moved to the country over the last year, but why are so many South Africans moving to New Zealand? The statistics on who’s moving to New Zealand StatsNZ classifies migrants as overseas residents who arrive in New Zealand and cumulatively spend […]

Moving from South Africa to the United Kingdom

Moving from South Africa to the United Kingdom can be a daunting experience The cultural appeal, strong economy and infrastructure offer expats a compelling reason to move to the United Kingdom. That’s why we have put together this helpful guide you need to know before moving from South Africa to the United Kingdom Moving to […]

Pros and Cons of Professional International Removal Packing

An International removal is typically not high on the list of things most people do for fun, especially when it comes to packing all your belongings, which can be a labour-intensive, stressful, and time-consuming process. Two packing options for your next international removal When you move you have two options; pack your belongings yourself or pay for […]

9 Essential International Moving Tips

International moving is a daunting prospect and in the spirit of reducing your stress Monarch Moving put together these helpful and essential international moving tips. 1. Do your research first Do as much research on the country and city you are moving too, especially when it comes to living costs. The greatest of these being […]

How to choose an International Moving Company

An international removal is both a stressful and life-changing experience, so choosing the international moving company that’s right for you is imperative. We work closely with some of the leading authorities in the field of international moving and these are some of our recommendations. Get at least three estimates from reputable international moving companies Getting […]

Monarch Moving makes international removals a breeze

Monday 11 February 2019 was the “Big” day for Mr & Mrs Bobbitt from Swellendam, who were taking on their international removal to Scotland. Mrs Bobbitt had the following comment, “Amazing Monarch A Team!” If there is one type of removal or relocation that creates more stress than others, it is an international removal. Monarch […]