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Moving from South Africa to the United Kingdom

Moving from South Africa to the United Kingdom can be a daunting experience

The cultural appeal, strong economy and infrastructure offer expats a compelling reason to move to the United Kingdom. That’s why we have put together this helpful guide you need to know before moving from South Africa to the United Kingdom Moving to the UK.

The United Kingdom for Expats

The United Kingdom’s standard of living and work opportunity makes it very attractive to South Africans, particularly those with UK / EU heritage and permission to work there.  Its multi-cultural infrastructure offers a unique experience to expats with the ability to easily integrate into their community.

The high standard of education at both public and private schools, as well as leading universities, and a huge draw card for families wanting to relocate to the United Kingdom.

London is an attractive option 

London is an extremely attractive and effervescent city, home to the largest financial and commercial centre in the world.  Combined with the historical, cultural and social advantages it appeals as a destination for people moving to the UK.

Initially, the climate can be a challenge for South Africans used to lovely warm summers and mild winters. Temperatures range between 6 degrees in the winter and 32 degrees in the summer with rain common throughout the year. One does adapt fairly quickly though, with many places being really warm due to central heating, and most accommodation and housing are well equipped to handle very cold weather.

Settling In

Even moving with a family, many people say the first year is really tough! Find out whether your new borough has an expat community – which is likely, and get involved there. Volunteering at the kids’ school is also a great way to quickly get to know people, stay informed and build a sense of engagement and belonging.

Try not to continuously compare currencies, weather, property etc – enjoy where you are, and what your new city has to offer, and enjoy the positives. If you’re able to be resilient and adapt to change, you’ll settle sooner and start loving what the UK has to offer.

Monarch Moving understands that moving from South Africa to the United Kingdom is a big step, and we possess the knowledge and experience to make your move quick, efficient and most importantly stress-free. Our expert moving crew is here to help – get in touch for a free quote.

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