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How to choose an International Moving Company

An international removal is both a stressful and life-changing experience, so choosing the international moving company that’s right for you is imperative. We work closely with some of the leading authorities in the field of international moving and these are some of our recommendations.

Get at least three estimates from reputable international moving companies

Getting at least three quotes will give you the opportunity to compare prices, services provided and the mover’s availability & ability. Although the price is an important factor, more importantly the years of international moving, all the services provided and included in the quote.

Prices may vary based on the packing materials quoted; some movers may offer specialised fine arts and antiques moving services, and more. Choose the company that best fits your budget, service requirements and answers your questions with confidence. Most companies offer a “free quote” service.

Make sure you are comparing “like with like”

Often, quotes that look inexpensive to begin with may end up costing you more at the end. So ask the following questions:

  • Is the method of shipment the same?
  • Are your personal items being moved in their own container, or are they consolidated with other peoples’ effects?
  • Is packing and/or unpacking included?
  • Have they accounted for accessibility?
  • Have terminal and port handling charges been included?
  • Is customs clearance included?
  • What is the time frame quoted on?

Who will be providing the service in your destination country?

The person that visits you in your home and conducts the pre-move survey may be excellent and the packing crew from the company in South Africa may be wonderful.  But ask them who will be the international mover that delivers the services at your destination.

Have a look at the international moving company’s testimonials

Nothing tells the story of an international moving company better than previous customers testimonials. Go as far as to ask the company if you may contact some references.

Additional service requirements you may need

Consider the additional services you may require from your international mover. Do you need immigration assistance, currency transfer, a professional carton packing service, house cleaning, pet transport, car transport or a full unpacking service upon delivery? Perhaps even a handyman service to hang pictures, re-assemble playground equipment and so on. Here is a nifty moving checklist to make your life easier.

Avoid any miscommunication – get everything in writing

It is unwise to proceed with any international mover if you do not have full terms and conditions and a detailed contract.

Make sure that you obtain a no obligation written quotation and check all details are fully listed and all costs are clearly illustrated.

Don’t risk unexpected charges or surprises on your moving day.

If you would like to discuss your upcoming international removal with us, please do not hesitate to contact us. Also, feel free to call us on +27 (0) 861 932 329 or email us on

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