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Are International Furniture Removals Safe During COVID-19?

In short, yes international furniture removals are safe under the current level of COVID-19. There are different levels and rates of infection across the world, but with international travel slowly re-opening the process of international moving is currently a little easier.

What planning is involved in international furniture removals?

Start planning early. As removal companies, we are starting to experience very high demand because of the backlog of moves that were delayed before the lockdown was eased and also the current demand of everyone who would like to move soon.

If you are planning your international removals, get ahead of the surge by getting your pre-move survey done (virtual surveys can be arranged) and get your free quote. This means you can do all your research and select the company that best suits your needs and budget ahead of time so that when you are ready for your international move your removal company has the availability reserved for you. Get in touch with us to get your free quote or if you have any questions related to the planning stage.

COVID-19 Sanitation & Cancellation Policy

In most cases, essential businesses like moving companies are able to set their own practices for operating under the pandemic, however, you will almost certainly see protocols put into place around physical distancing and sanitization. If you have a question or concern about your moving company’s COVID-19 policy, contact them to discuss it.

If you need to cancel a move due to COVID-19 lockdown changes or if you’re feeling ill, contact your moving provider directly. Most moving contracts are non-binding, which means that you can cancel without financial penalty up to a set period of time prior to your service. We do, however, urge clients to postpone and not cancel. Your move will need to go ahead at some point in the future, and we always do our best to accommodate clients with revised removal dates.

What Are International Moving Companies Doing Differently?

Make sure the international moving companies you are considering are taking the coronavirus pandemic seriously. Make sure they have put into place protocols designed to protect their employees and their customers. These include:

  • Following guidelines put in place by the South African government and the WHO around social distancing and sanitization
  • Conducting virtual surveys instead of in-home surveys to provide estimates
  • Frequently sanitising trucks and equipment
  • Practising social distancing with customers and, as far as possible, among moving teams
  • Wearing masks and gloves
  • Keeping trucks stocked with hand sanitizer

All of these practices help ensure that moving services can remain available in a safe way. A virtual move estimate for example provides you with the same quote you’d expect any time you hire movers without the need to have someone enter your home.

Questions to ask your international moving company about Coronavirus

  • Can you get a virtual survey & quote to reduce the need for someone to visit your home?
  • Will the crew practice social distancing, remaining 2 metres from you and each other?
  • What personal protective equipment (PPE) will the crew wear when social distancing is not possible (e.g. heavy items need more than one person to lift it).
  • What are you as the customer required to do? Do you need to wear a face mask, clean anything in advance, provide handwashing facilities etc?
  • What will the crew be doing to practise good hand & other hygiene?
  • What training have crews had on Coronavirus safety?
  • What are they doing to monitor the health of their crews for symptoms?
  • What happens if you or anyone in your family becomes ill prior to the move?
  • What are they doing about cleaning and sanitising vehicles and equipment?

We know it has been said so many times before, but these are truly unprecedented times. The concerns and procedures mentioned here will remain for some time to come. We will do our best to bring you regular updates if regulations change.

Feel free to contact us for your free international relocation quote below or call or email us at

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