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Transit Insurance Services

Our Promise: Comprehensive Coverage

Our goal is to genuinely ensure your peace of mind.
Partnered with the Best
We collaborate with experienced underwriters, ensuring your belongings are backed by a robust, comprehensive All Risks Transit Insurance Protection Policy.
Both Transit & Storage Covered

Whether your items are on the move or in our secure storage, they’re under our insurance umbrella.

All Risk Coverage

From minor damages to major incidents, this coverage ensures every risk is accounted for.

Total Loss Coverage

In the rare case of total loss, be assured that your valuables are covered.

Peace of Mind in Every Mile

Moving involves not just the transition of belongings, but the emotions and memories attached to them. With Monarch Moving’s Comprehensive Transit Insurance, put those worries to rest. While we take every possible measure to safeguard your items, some factors remain beyond human control. That’s where our transit insurance steps in, offering that added layer of security.

Why Opt for Transit Insurance?

While our team is skilled in ensuring careful handling, professional packing, and secure loading, certain external factors like unpredictable road conditions, rough seas, or dock handling are unforeseeable. Moreover, customs inspections can sometimes be invasive. These unpredictable events call for a predictable safety net, and that’s precisely what our insurance provides.

Interested in learning more about our transit insurance options?

Better Safe Than Sorry

It’s an old adage for a reason. With our transit insurance, you won’t have to hope for the best – you’ll know you’re getting it. Let your next move be stress-free, knowing that from pick-up to delivery, we’ve got you covered.