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Why the big jump in South Africans moving to Canada?

Nicholas Avramis of Beaver Immigration says immigration consultants have seen a jump in South Africans moving to Canada.


Reasons South Africans are moving to Canada


Avramis added that the while crime remains a concern for many of the applicants, the major narrative is that skilled South Africans are seeking better economic prosperity.


According to Pew Research, more than 50,000 South Africans reside in Canada, while census data shows that approximately 1,000 South Africans make the move each year.


Why the big jump in South Africans moving to Canada
Canada has an amazing outdoor like which South Africans love


What is the process of qualifying to get a work permit in Canada?


One of the most popular routes for South Africans is the federal skills programme which works on a points system.


Points are awarded for criteria including age, level of experience, level of education and the type of work you are qualified for.


This creates a ranking and applicants are selected from these rankings by the Canadian government, based on the skills that it is looking for, he said.


“There is no set rule in term of a ‘cut-off because you get points’. The older you are the (fewer) points you get.


“One of the most important criteria is English proficiency. If you plan to move to Canada on any of the different visas, you are going to have to write an English proficiency test.


Why the big jump in South Africans moving to Canada
Exploring the great outdoors in Canada is a big pastime




The more educated you are the more likely you are to successfully apply. However, there is a ‘sweet spot’ that has allowed more South Africans to move to Canada in recent years, as they meet the correct criteria.


This includes:


  • People between the ages of 25-30;
  • People who have a master’s degree;
  • A person who has been working for two-three years in a ‘skilled job’;
  • A person who scored highly in their English proficiency exam.


“If you meet these criteria you could land in Canada at the airport and they could hand you the PR (permit) papers on arrival,” said Avramis.


He added that one shouldn’t look at the type of job that a person does per se. “In terms, of skilled jobs, the Canadian government classifies about 3,000 jobs as skilled. However, even managing a coffee shop would be considered ‘skilled’. This is one of the reasons so many South Africans are successful in gaining working entry to Canada.


The government of Canada just wants younger people, proficient in English and understandably so as it creates a productive community. Many South Africans suit this profile well.


If you are starting the planning process, get in contact with us to help make your international move a bit more stress-free.

8 Responses

  1. What assistance do you offer to those planning to start the skilled labour immigration process to Canada?
    And at what cost?

    1. What assistance do you offer to those plan to start any skilled labour imimmigration process to Canada?
      What is cost?

  2. Hello,

    I’m a technician and IT Cisco specialist from Crawford campus( college of cape town). I have been in security system integrated from more than 5 years.
    I would like to know more about the process and how much can cost to be granted skilled visa to Canada as well as requirements needed.

    Kind regards!

    1. Hello guys,thats 1of my dreams to move in Canada,ive been working in hospitality industry for about 8years.worked as waitor,barmen,worked as barista for about 2years.and im 33years.

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