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About The Company

Our Trusted Global Network

The world might be vast, but with our trusted global network, any destination becomes easily accessible. Entrust us with your move, and let us make the world feel a little smaller and a lot more like home.

Global Reach, Local Touch

Our expansive international network is designed to provide you with seamless moves across cities, countries, and continents. Whether you’re venturing out of our beloved South Africa to embrace new horizons, an expat finding your way back home, or a global nomad shifting from one international address to another, we’ve got you covered.

Your Global Moving Partner

With a presence in multiple countries, we pride ourselves on being able to manage and execute any international move, ensuring that our clients always feel at home, even when they’re miles away.

Wherever you go, Monarch moves with you

Who We Are

Embark on a journey with Monarch Moving, where we echo the spirit of the magnificent Monarch butterflies in every move we make.

A Symbol of Transformation

Moving homes, changing cities, or even countries is more than a physical shift; it’s a transformative process. It’s about adapting to a new environment, embracing new experiences, and growing as individuals or families. At Monarch Moving, we’re here to make this transition smooth, simple, and stress-free.

Going the Extra Mile

Every move, be it near or far, is a testament to our commitment to excellence. We aim for greatness in each operation, ensuring that no distance is too long or too short for us.

What truly sets us apart in the moving industry is our dedication to our clients. We’re not just moving boxes and furniture; we’re transporting dreams, memories, and aspirations. And in doing so, we ensure that our service remains unparalleled, trustworthy, and tailor-made for your unique needs.

Wherever you go, Monarch moves with you

Company Director

Anton Coetzee, brings his years of experience and wealth of industry knowledge to lead Monarch Moving successfully. As a former director and branch manager of a large international removals group, Anton knows what is important to our clients.

Valuing our clients’ moving needs, we will always prioritise your belongings. This is our commitment to you. We are dedicated to providing service excellence to every client.

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