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9 Essential International Moving Tips

International moving is a daunting prospect and in the spirit of reducing your stress Monarch Moving put together these helpful and essential international moving tips.

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1. Do your research first

Do as much research on the country and city you are moving too, especially when it comes to living costs. The greatest of these being accommodation and transport.

Orientate yourself in terms of where the closest shops, schools and hospital may be. Then you can move onto things like banking, water, gas and electricity.

Handy hint: Visit to compare living costs.

2. Finances

Find out everything you can on the country’s internal revenue service and the rules that apply to taxation.

Also find out about the country’s banking facilities and the international transfer and use of the account when abroad. Internet banking does make it a bit easier, but rather be sure.

3. Healthcare

Something often overlooked especially when moving to a first world country is healthcare. Most assume that they will be able to make use of the national healthcare system of that country, but in some cases this may not be viable. Private healthcare may be a necessity.

4. Documentation

Research which documents you will require for the international move. Things that need to be checked are Identity Documents. Passports, Marriage Certificates, Birth/Adoption Certificates, Drivers Licenses and Medical Records. Some countries such as Canada require a full medical exam.

Make sure you make copies (more than one) of each document and certify them and also make electronic backups.

Helpful tip: Download our moving checklist to make things a little easier.

Documents for an international move
International moving documents and visas are the most important things to do first

5. Get your Visas sorted out

The most important part of moving overseas are visas. Without these you will not be able to enter your country of choice.

Even if your employer is organising your work permits or visas we still recommend you meet with a local embassy officer for your destination country in South Africa.

This way whether you are organising the visas yourself or its being done through your employer, you can make sure all the paperwork is in order. You can then also check on all the immigration laws, deadlines for paperwork submission and legally how long you can reside in your destination country.

6. Book our international move

The first step is to get quotes and speak to each prospective international removal company. The earlier this process is started the better, but we recommend not leaving this later than at least 45-60 days before the time, as the removals industry goes through busy periods in South Africa and you would be disappointed if your favourite removal company could not accommodate you.

This will give you an opportunity to discuss all the customs requirements for your household effects with the removal companies. Remember to ask all the pertinent questions to make sure they are the right company for you.

For more on what questions to ask have a look here.

For an obligation free international moving quote click here.

International Moving Tips
Book a professional removal company

7. Relocating your pet or vehicle

When moving your pet there are a number of custom and entry requirements. A removal company worth it’s salt should have a reputable pet moving company it partners with, so do your research on their partner to make sure your furry family member gets the best care.

Vehicles also come with certain customs and entry requirements, but this should be taken care of by your international moving company and shipped in a suitable container, either on its own or with your household effects.

8. To sell or donate

Remember every bit of space in a container is related to a cost, so if you don’t need it or aren’t going to use it, this may be the time to donate or sell any excess household or personal effects you do not want to ship.

Draw up a list of all your effects, so you know exactly what you have and then make a decision on what is necessary and what you could do without. Sometimes it may even be cheaper buying certain items in your destination country than shipping them.

Also, consider the floor space you will have available in your new home abroad.

Remove the stress of moving with these international moving tips
It may be time to get rid of a few things?

9. Closing of accounts and change of address

You would hate to sit with unpaid bills once you have moved abroad, just because it slipped your mind to close that one account or make a simple address change in other cases. Our moving checklist gives a nice reminder of this too.

The stress of planning the move can easily distract you from this big exciting step you and your family are taking. If you choose your international moving company wisely the transition to your new life should be that much easier.

At Monarch Moving this is what we strive for with all our clients, to make their move as stress-free as possible through support and superior knowledge on moving clients internationally.

Click here for a free international moving quote.

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