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The Ultimate Guide to Moving from South Africa to Australia: What You Need to Know

Are you considering swapping the majestic Table Mountain for the stunning Sydney Opera House, or exchanging your safaris in Kruger for adventures in the Outback? Moving from South Africa to Australia is an exciting journey that many dream about. Whether it’s the allure of sprawling beaches, the promise of a vibrant economy, or simply the […]

What Are The Costs For A South African Family Moving Overseas?

I am sure most of you pondering the idea of moving overseas have wondered what the costs are involved, so we have highlighted the costs for a South African family of 4 to move to Australia, Canada, New Zealand and the UK. These are estimates and will differ from family to family. State of affairs […]

The Top 10 Reasons Comparing A Move To Australia vs New Zealand

Once you have made the life-changing decision to move abroad there may still be a bit of indecisiveness of whether to choose Australia or New Zealand as your new home. As a company that helps people emigrate to both New Zealand and Australia, we know our clients ask themselves this question often: “Should I move […]

9 Essential International Moving Tips

International moving is a daunting prospect and in the spirit of reducing your stress Monarch Moving put together these helpful and essential international moving tips. 1. Do your research first Do as much research on the country and city you are moving too, especially when it comes to living costs. The greatest of these being […]

Monarch Moving makes international removals a breeze

Monday 11 February 2019 was the “Big” day for Mr & Mrs Bobbitt from Swellendam, who were taking on their international removal to Scotland. Mrs Bobbitt had the following comment, “Amazing Monarch A Team!” If there is one type of removal or relocation that creates more stress than others, it is an international removal. Monarch […]

Puppy Pack: Assemble a Moving Kit for Your Dog

Even the most laidback pooch can struggle to stay calm during a move. Pets are highly sensitive to stress of any kind, so it’s up to you to make the transition easier. A little bit of planning goes a long way to moving your dog without causing any panic.nnHere are some essentials on assembling a […]

Preparing for Your Overseas Move

If moving abroad has always been life-long goal for you, when the opportunity presents itself, you’re going to want to grab hold of it with both hands. Once you’ve decided on the country of your dreams, you’ll need to start preparing for your international move.n Start with the paperwork nIf you’re fortunate enough to have […]

What You Need to Know About Short Term Housing

While it may have been around for a long time, short term housing has only recently gained popularity among professionals across the globe. Previously, short term housing was seen as nothing more than an inconvenience; a stop-over on the way to something more permanent, and stable. In recent years, however, this housing solution has become […]

Moving to the EU with a Family – Where Should you Go?

For whatever reason, you’re considering a move to the European Union. Perhaps your focus is on better schooling for your children, or perhaps you’d like to get closer to your own European roots. Then again, you might think this is the best decision for your career; one that presents a fantastic financial opportunity for you […]

New Zealand Updates Immigration Laws

New Zealand is rapidly becoming one of the most popular global immigration destinations. In fact, the country has reached a record high in in new migrants and working visa approvals. Unfortunately, no destination in the world is equipped with unlimited amounts of space which is why the New Zealand government is aiming to reduce the […]