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What You Need to Know About Short Term Housing

While it may have been around for a long time, short term housing has only recently gained popularity among professionals across the globe. Previously, short term housing was seen as nothing more than an inconvenience; a stop-over on the way to something more permanent, and stable. In recent years, however, this housing solution has become a boon for people who are hot on the heels of a successful career path or those who are making a move towards retiring in the location of their dreams.nnBecause short term housing can be found virtually anywhere, it makes moving around less stressful than one would think. It’s all about perspective.n

What is Short Term Housing, Exactly?

nIt’s a straightforward term, really. This is a furnished place that you can call your home for a specific period of time – from one week to a couple of months. If you’re trying out a new city before you decide to settle, or if you’re on a work assignment, this is the ideal way for you to enjoy your own space without lugging all of your possessions with you. Short term housing is also highly sought after by people who are relocating over long distances and, for whatever reason, need to wait for their belongings to catch up with them. Perhaps their house sold earlier than expected and it’s proving a little more challenging to find the perfect home so quickly, perhaps their shipment requires a little longer than others, either way, a short term solution is key to making a smooth transition.nnIn general, these smaller homes feature the basics: a kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, simple furnishings, and the necessary amenities. Think of it as something akin to self-catering accommodation.nnmoving abroadn

What You Need to Know Beforehand

nMost of your belongings will either be in storage or safely stowed away in your old home. You need to make sure that you have enough “important stuff” with you to help you get by. Realistically, you don’t want to spend tons of money buying items that you’ll only be using temporarily. Take the time to plan ahead before you move into short term housing – it’s somewhat of a lifesaver. Be careful when deciding what clothes, shoes, and accessories to bring with you; you don’t want to take too much but you certainly don’t want to get caught without something you might need.nnFind out whether you’re expected to bring your own bedding. In some cases, this is the one bit of “furnishing” that isn’t provided. Also remember to pack important odds and ends such as your cellphone and laptop chargers, medication, important documents, and similar items.n

A Picture is Not Always Worth a Thousand Words

nPictures, sadly, can be deceiving. If you’re obtaining short term housing offers through private owners, bear in mind that these people want to showcase only the best parts of the property. Pictures posted online are not always accurate. If something seems a little off or if the photos look like they’ve been pulled from a hotel’s brochure or website, it’s within your rights to request additional photos. To be doubly sure, you can also request a virtual phone tour of the place. Nothing is stopping an honest property owner from doing a quick walk through of their place, is there?nnAll in all, this housing solution isn’t ideal for everybody but it is great for people who are on the move. In the Age of the Digital Nomad, short term housing is practically a blessing.nn nn 

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