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Puppy Pack: Assemble a Moving Kit for Your Dog

Even the most laidback pooch can struggle to stay calm during a move. Pets are highly sensitive to stress of any kind, so it’s up to you to make the transition easier. A little bit of planning goes a long way to moving your dog without causing any panic.nnHere are some essentials on assembling a moving kit for your pooch:n


nEven if your dog is used to riding in a car, you’re going to want to use a crate during the move. This is both for safety and peace of mind. Make sure that your pup can comfortable stand up and move around inside the crate in case you’re travelling long distance.n

Blanket or Crate Liner

nCrates are hardly comfortable. To make it a bit more “homey” get some comfy crate cushions and add a familiar blanket. A familiar smell goes a long way to making your dog feel safe.n

Collar with I.D and Leash

nMake sure that your dog’s collar fits properly. You don’t want to cause any discomfort by tying the collar too tightly. Similarly, you don’t want your dog to wriggle out of a collar that’s too loose. Add an ID tag with updated contact information in case you have an escape artist on your hands. You’ll need to stop for walks in unfamiliar territory, so you need to use a leash to prevent your furkid from getting lost.nn nn nnnn n

Food and Water

nYou need to bring along enough food for your pooch to eat during the move and for the first few days in your new home. You may find your pup’s appetite is a little low, so start with smaller meals. Be sure to keep a travel container with water in your dog’s moving kit, along with a travel-sized set of bowls.n

Treats and Toys

nGenerally speaking, dogs are reward-driven. Take along your pet’s favourite toy to reduce boredom and stress. A treat or two won’t go amiss and will reassure your pooch of the fact that everything’s going to be okay.n

Waste Bags and Pet Wipes

nDoggie waste bags are always a necessity. Accidents happen, and you’ll want to be able to clean your vehicle when they do. Pet wipes will help you keep your pup clean and comfortable. Remember, stress can cause stomach upsets and your dog can’t be blamed for any of it.n

Medical History

nGet a copy of your dog’s medical history before your move. Should your pup fall ill before you have a chance to find a new vet, this information will be incredibly useful.n

Medications and Tranquilizers

nThis goes without saying, but you need to pack your dog’s medication in the moving kit. If you need any refills, get them before you move. If you know your pooch has a nervous disposition, ask your vet for a mild tranquilizer to help make the transition a little easier.nn 

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