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Preparing for Your Overseas Move

If moving abroad has always been life-long goal for you, when the opportunity presents itself, you’re going to want to grab hold of it with both hands. Once you’ve decided on the country of your dreams, you’ll need to start preparing for your international move.n

Start with the paperwork

nIf you’re fortunate enough to have secured a job abroad, your paperwork will probably mostly be handled by the company. There are, of course, some personal papers you need to get in order. To avoid being hampered by red tape, it’s best to focus on the essentials well in advance.nnYou might need to get official documents certified for acceptance. You might need to apply for a special visa for your spouse or children. If your children are going to be studying abroad, you’re going to have to request their transfer certificates. You’ll also need to register with your local government, alerting them to the fact that you’ll be abroad for some time.nnGathering the required documentation can be a time-consuming task, so it’s best to get started as soon as possible.nn nnn

Prepare your pets

nYour pets are a part of the family. No doubt you’ll want to keep them close. Moving overseas with pets requires a certain amount of preparation and paperwork as well.  Vaccines need to be up-to-date, medical history needs to be documented, and various forms need to be filled out. Most countries are strict about allowing animals in.nnAsk your vet about the best way to prepare your vet for the long journey. You’ll also need to discuss your options with a professional pet moving service who can give you all the advice you need. Moving is stressful for animals, even more so than it is for humans, so it’s worth considering how the process will affect them.n

Set a budget

nThere’s no doubt about it: moving overseas is expensive. There’s really no point in sugar coating it. You need to prepare a budget well in advance. Take into account the cost of accommodation and meals along the way. It’s also worth considering additional expenses such as renting a car, purchasing furniture, and any other potentially unforeseen costs along the way.nn n

Hire an international moving company

nInternational relocation can be complex. For this reason, it’s in your best interests to hire an international moving service that’s been in the industry for long enough to know which end is up. You’re going to need someone to help you navigate the process smoothly, and to provide you with affordable assistance in moving your belongings overseas safely. More often than not, companies like this can assist with the paperwork portion of the move as well.n

Come to terms with the language

nMoving to a foreign country means immersing yourself in an entirely different culture. If you find yourself relocating somewhere with a foregin language, it’s best to start studying in advance.nnGenerally, people will adapt to a new language better if they have active practice. Consider joinging a language study group in your area – it’s a great way to learn to communicate better and to be brave about stepping outside of your comfort zone.n

Find a local point person you can trust

nUnfortunately, mistakes happen. You might miss an important payment, forget some of your belongings, or neglect to cancel a particular service. It’s important to have someone trustworthy back home; someone you can call on to help you take care of any unfortunate mishaps. You might want to add them as a signatory to one of your additional bank accounts as it will make payments a little easier than wiring money back and forth.n

Update your driver’s license

nYou may be able to drive overseas with an International Driver’s Permit. Some countries, however, require temporary residents to apply for a local license. Whichever path you need to take, you need to be sure that your current driver’s licence is up-to-date, as you’ll need to carry this with you at all times.

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