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The Ultimate Guide to Moving from South Africa to Australia: What You Need to Know

Are you considering swapping the majestic Table Mountain for the stunning Sydney Opera House, or exchanging your safaris in Kruger for adventures in the Outback? Moving from South Africa to Australia is an exciting journey that many dream about. Whether it’s the allure of sprawling beaches, the promise of a vibrant economy, or simply the […]

9 Essential International Moving Tips

International moving is a daunting prospect and in the spirit of reducing your stress Monarch Moving put together these helpful and essential international moving tips. 1. Do your research first Do as much research on the country and city you are moving too, especially when it comes to living costs. The greatest of these being […]

How To Protect Your Floors When Moving

To protect your floors and furniture when moving, we have these tips to follow.nnUsing a rubber wheel dolly for you move lightens the load significantly, helps you load and offload more quickly, and protects your furniture and floors.nnIn addition to this there are some floor and furniture coverings that protect really well:n n Furniture Blankets […]

Tips for Packing and Moving your Wine Collection

A lot goes into a building your private wine collection, so understandably it’s really important to to move it safely. n Plan and Pack n It’s advisable to inventory an extensive collection, ideally with a list and photos. Also let us know ahead of time that you’ll need this specialised service, and we can assist […]

You’re Moving and It’s the Perfect Opportunity to Declutter

Living in one spot for any length of time means that you get comfortable. When you get comfortable, you tend to start collecting creature comforts. These odds and ends start to build up over time, and when you find yourself moving house again, you may need to declutter.nnJust the word “declutter” is enough to render […]

5 Things People Forget to Do When Moving House

Probably the most important thing to remember when moving house is this: you’re only human. We all forget things – sometimes essential things. In stressful situations, we’re even more likely to forget something important. It’s Murphy’s Law, unfortunately. When you’re getting ready for a big move, you may think you have everything covered but it […]

Moving Parties: The Best Trend You’ll Encounter Before a Move

Nobody really likes the moving process. It’s hardly something you would call a “good time”. If your friends and family aren’t predisposed to enjoy moving themselves, there’s not much that’ll get them excited about helping you with your move. That’s just the way it is. Moving house is almost always back-breaking work but there is […]

Moving with a Newborn or When Pregnant

Moving is stressful enough without the added pressure of pregnancy or a newborn baby in your midst. Women are strong, powerful beings though, and if tons of other women can handle it, then so can you. Chances are you’re tired, a little freaked out, and feeling as though your body (or the baby itself) is […]

Moving in With Your Significant Other

It’s time to find a bigger bookcase, combine your DVD collections, and figure out who gets the right side of the bed. Your friends are eagerly awaiting their housewarming invitations while your toothbrush is looking forward to finally having a friend to stand next to in that formerly lonely cup in the bathroom. Things are […]

Don’t Throw Those Black Bags Away

Black bin bags aren’t the most glamorous household item, that’s for sure. Before you chuck your empty trash into a box with your other cleaning supplies, you might want to consider the following uses for these underappreciated bits and bobs. nn 1. Storing Lighter Items n  While they’re obviously not the sturdiest packing material, you […]