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Moving Parties: The Best Trend You’ll Encounter Before a Move

Nobody really likes the moving process. It’s hardly something you would call a “good time”. If your friends and family aren’t predisposed to enjoy moving themselves, there’s not much that’ll get them excited about helping you with your move. That’s just the way it is. Moving house is almost always back-breaking work but there is a way to make the process more fun…and to get your nearest and dearest in on the action without a single grumble.nnMoving parties are a thing. Here’s how to throw one:n

Plan in Advance

nDon’t leave things to the last minute. You wouldn’t expect people to drop their plans for a last-minute, thrown-together gathering, so don’t expect them to cancel their plans to help you on moving day. You know your schedule and you probably know your friends’ schedules, so pick a day that works for everyone. Let them know a couple weeks in advance and send them a quick reminder the weekend before just to make sure everyone’s on the same page.n

A Caffeine Kick to Start the Day

nYou don’t want your move to turn into a heavy chore later on in the day. Get some coffee and tasty high energy snacks lined up in the morning. This will set the tone for a successful day with everyone feeling pumped up and ready for action. The quicker you can get the moving truck loaded, the quicker you can move over to the new place and prepare for the really exciting part of the party.n

Pizza and Drinks

nDon’t make the mistake of ordering pizza and drinks the second you arrive on your new turf. Hand out a few instructions as to where you want certain boxes and furniture items to go. While everyone gets started on this, make the rounds and ask what they’ll be drinking and what they want on their pizzas. Once they know that food is on the way, they’re bound to kick things into high gear.nnWhen the pizza arrives, start pouring those drinks and get everyone excited about they whole event. This doesn’t have to be an alcoholic party either. Mocktails are a fun way to get people feeling cheery without the threat of a hangover the next morning.n

Music is a Necessity

nPick a high energy playlist that suits everyone’s tastes. These people are doing you a favour, so it’s not really the time to make it all about you. Set up a playlist filled with songs that keeps people singing along or feeling like they want to party. Be loud enough to get everyone in party mode but not so loud that you freak out the neighbours on your first day.n

Themes are Fun

nIf you turn the whole thing into a theme party, you’re almost guaranteed to have people feeling super excited. A few decorations go a long way to making things feel extra special. Get everyone to dress up (within reason) and be sure to take some photos to mark the occasion.nnHave you ever hosted a moving party? Tell us how it went – we’d love to hear from you in the comments below!

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