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5 Things People Forget to Do When Moving House

Probably the most important thing to remember when moving house is this: you’re only human. We all forget things – sometimes essential things. In stressful situations, we’re even more likely to forget something important. It’s Murphy’s Law, unfortunately. When you’re getting ready for a big move, you may think you have everything covered but it does help to bear in mind the most commonly forgotten items on every person’s moving to-do list.n

1 – Make a Moving Checklist

nIt’s essential that you organise your time properly. Time management is crucial when you’re moving house. More often than not, we assume that we have more than enough time available and in the end, many of us learn that the opposite is true. Formulate a clear idea of what needs to be done and when. Keep all your scheduled tasks neatly arranged so that you can cross them off your list as you progress.n

2 – Compare Moving Companies

nIf you settle for the first moving company to cross your path, you may be making a mistake. Give yourself enough time to explore your options, collect quotes, and compare services. Trust your instincts and opt for whichever company you feel most comfortable with. Great customer service is often an indication of a company’s trustworthiness. So, if you manage to find movers who are only to happy to respond to your questions, chances are you’ve hit the jackpot.n

3 – Take Your Furkids for a Check-Up

nWhile you’re worrying about the move, you may be too preoccupied to remember that pets need special attention during a move. Schedule a complete check-up with your vet just to be sure that your four-legged fur children are a-okay. Moving is even more stressful for animals than it is for humans. It’s much easier for us to readjust outside of our comfort zones. Animals find the process extremely confusing, so they deserve some extra care during the transitional period.n

4 – Take Only What You Need

nMoving house is the perfect opportunity to rid yourself of belongings you really don’t need. Get rid of the dead weight. You’re embarking on a new journey; it’s time for a new lease on life. If you find any items that haven’t been useful in yonks, toss them. You’ll be rather pleased at how much you’ll reduce your moving costs by simply doing a bit of a spring clean.n

5 – Redirect Your Mail

nThis is a big one. Make sure that you contact all major service providers, insurance companies, doctors, etc. to redirect your mail to the new address. There’s no need to have neighbours collect your mail for months on end when you can nip it in the bud early on.nnPaying attention to these 5 items can make a huge difference in reducing your stress levels. It’s amazing what a few minor adjustments can do. Feel free to browse our blog for more advice. At Monarch Moving, we’re all about making your relocation as smooth as possible.nn nn nn 

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