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Moving with a Newborn or When Pregnant

Moving is stressful enough without the added pressure of pregnancy or a newborn baby in your midst. Women are strong, powerful beings though, and if tons of other women can handle it, then so can you. Chances are you’re tired, a little freaked out, and feeling as though your body (or the baby itself) is a ticking time bomb. Your back aches, your ankles are swollen, and you’ve probably had just about enough of this nonsense – you really don’t need to add any more stress to your plate. The good news is that moving doesn’t have to exhaust you; it’s just a matter of planning things carefully and thoroughly.n

1. Organise Childcare if You Know You’ll Need it

nAfter the move, you’re going to have enough on your plate without worrying about finding a suitable nanny. Whether you’re already the mother of a bouncing bundle of joy, or whether you’re still pregnant, you need to have all your bases covered. Don’t wait until the last minute. You, your body, and your baby can’t afford to feel rushed or stressed. It’s a fairly big decision to make. Interviews are an absolute must. Give yourself the time you need to do this properly.n

2. Make Sure Your Non-Familial Support Network is Still in Place

nHave you been seeing your OB regularly? Make sure you get referred to another doctor you’ll be comfortable with after the move. Have you been attending pre-natal yoga classes? Don’t give these up just because you’re moving; it’s something that helps you deal with the stress. One thing is certain, you need to be surrounded by all the people/services that make you feel safe, steady, and secure. Motherhood is a big adventure, and it’s an enormous challenge. Make sure you feel supported every step of the way. Don’t push your needs aside because of the move.n

3. Change Your Mailing Address

nAs a new mother, you’re probably going to have a fair amount of important documentation arriving in the mail. Plus you have all your regular mail coming in as well. Don’t stress yourself out at the last minute. Update anyone that needs updating, and get your change of address sorted out. It won’t take too long but it will definitely lift a huge weight off of your shoulders.n

4. Pack Your Overnight Bag

nIf you’re pregnant during the move, pack an overnight bag to keep your own stress levels low. This bag should contain everything you need to get you through 24 hours without wanting a single extra thing. Pack clothes to keep you warm, and something lighter in case there’s an unexpected shift in the weather. Pack your toiletries, vitamins, snacks, and any medication you might need. If you’re moving with a baby, you’ll need a bigger bag… Make sure you’ve packed diapers, snacks, formula, medicine, stuffed animals, baby clothes, cleaning wipes, and anything else you might need to keep your little one clean, healthy, fed, and happy. Nothing ruins your mood more than having to dash to the store in an unfamiliar neighbourhood.n

5. Keep Your Chin Up

nIt’s fairly annoying to have people telling you to “stay positive” all the time. Here’s the thing: they’re right. Yes, moving is stressful but it’s also exciting. Focus on the positive aspects of your move and you’ll find it easier to deal with anything that comes your way. Focus on the happiness of the whole process – you’re taking steps towards a better future for yourself and your family.

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