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Moving Yourself: Why It Isn’t Worth It

You may be considering a DIY-move and skipping out on hiring a professional moving company. At this stage, chances are you’re looking at the big picture and zeroing in on the overall costs involved. It’s entirely possible that you’ll save a small amount of money but at what cost?nnThe fact of the matter is that you might not save quite as much as you expect to. Here are a few reasons to reconsider:n


nMoving house is stressful enough. Handling a move without any professional assistance is rife with unexpected issues. A professional moving company is backed by years of experience, not to mention a ton of equipment and helping hands that are part of the package.nTackling a move on your own means having to pick up the moving truck, loading, unloading, packing, heavy lifting, and so much more.nnStress is harmful not only to the mind but to the body as well. High blood pressure, headaches, stomach ulcers…these are all health issues that can be attributed to high stress levels. Of course, you also may find yourself dealing with a loss of appetite, mood swings, indecisiveness, and general mental discomfort.nn nn nnnn n


nThere’s nothing funny about physical injury. Heavy appliances are notoriously dangerous to move without professional assistance. You may be surprised to know that injuries can be sustained by simply carrying a few boxes up and down a flight of stairs. Your joints are placed under an enormous amount of pressure when carrying items to and fro.n


nProfessional movers shoulder the burden of the entire moving process, leaving you to have breakfast, take a shower, and carefully go through your house doing last minute checks. Within a few short hours, you could be in your new home, starting on the unpacking process.nnWithout professional assistance, a move can take a full day. By the time you’ve packed up everything, loaded it all into the truck, cleaned the house, and driven to your new house, it’ll be sunset and all you’ll want to do is go to sleep… in the bed you haven’t had a chance to set up.n


nEven the cheapest moving companies offer some level of insurance. This allows you to have peace of mind, knowing that you can claim for damages caused by the movers. If your best friend drops your computer, there’s not much you can do about it. He is doing you a favour, after all.nnAll in all, moving yourself is risky. Finding the right moving company can eliminate a large portion of your stress, and may actually be more affordable in the long run.

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