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Mid-month vs month-end furniture removals

There are a few things to consider when planning furniture removals. We will highlight cost and availability as the main factors.

So your company have asked you to relocate or you’re just up for a new challenge and need to start planning your removal. One of the major decisions is, moving mid-month vs month-end.

What exactly constitutes mid-month and month-end furniture removals?

Mid-month could vary from one removal company to the next, but generally, it is considered:

  • Between the 5th (and in some cases the 10th) and 20th (and in some cases the 25th) day of the month, with the difference depends on the demand for furniture removals and the company policy.

Month-end constitutes:

  • The 20th/25th of a month to the 5th/10th of the following again depending on the company and demand.

Best to check with the furniture mover what their policy is.

Mid-month vs month-end furniture removals

What is a difference in cost?

The difference between moving mid-month and month-end is that month-end could put you a bit more out of pocket. Most times relocating for work means that a month-end is inevitable, but at least most times the account is not for your personal pocket.

If you are paying for your own move check with the moving company cape town on their mid-month vs month-end pricing if any is available.

What are the availability implications?

Month-end usually means an increase in the demand for furniture removals. So if you have your heart set on the company you want to move with you may just be disappointed in not getting the available dates you are looking for. Avoid this by making sure you book as early as you possibly can.

Moving at month-end does sometimes have its advantages. If your move is only a part load, i.e. it does not fill a vehicle, then you may get the delivery dates better suited to your needs in comparison to mid-month. You may need to wait a little longer for the vehicle to fill up. So be sure to discuss this with your removal company of choice.

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