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9 Essential International Moving Tips

International moving is a daunting prospect and in the spirit of reducing your stress Monarch Moving put together these helpful and essential international moving tips. 1. Do your research first Do as much research on the country and city you are moving too, especially when it comes to living costs. The greatest of these being […]

How To Protect Your Floors When Moving

To protect your floors and furniture when moving, we have these tips to follow.nnUsing a rubber wheel dolly for you move lightens the load significantly, helps you load and offload more quickly, and protects your furniture and floors.nnIn addition to this there are some floor and furniture coverings that protect really well:n n Furniture Blankets […]

Tips for Packing and Moving your Wine Collection

A lot goes into a building your private wine collection, so understandably it’s really important to to move it safely. n Plan and Pack n It’s advisable to inventory an extensive collection, ideally with a list and photos. Also let us know ahead of time that you’ll need this specialised service, and we can assist […]

Preparing to Move to Cape Town

To plan a smooth move, check off these few important points leading up to your move to Cape Town. nn n Book your move as early as possible, at Monarch we understand this date might change, and we try to be as flexible as possible to accommodate your arrangements. n Start to lighten the load. Moving […]

Considering the Ideal Time to Move House

[et_pb_section admin_label=”section”]n [et_pb_row admin_label=”row”]n [et_pb_column type=”4_4″][et_pb_text admin_label=”Text”] Whether you’re moving a large or small distance, small apartment or huge home, moving can be stressful. Sorting, packing and transporting everything to your new home requires a great deal of planning and a super organised schedule. In addition to this, there are other practical things to consider […]

Packing Up Your Messy Room

We’ve all been guilty of inhabiting a messy room at least once in our lives. Some of us still have a messy room of shame, while others proudly revel in their disorganisation. Who’s to judge? When moving house, it’s highly inadvisable to scoop the mess straight into a box and hope for the best. You […]

Moving Estimate – Dig a Little Deeper

When researching potential moving companies, most people do their initial research online. In this day and age, that’s really the fastest and smartest way to do it. However, it’s important to note that the price given online or over the phone isn’t necessarily a done deal. It’s best to get around 3 written estimates before […]

Moving as Newlyweds: Take it Step by Step

nnStatistical data show that the highest moving rate of any age group belongs to the 25- to 30-year olds. This comes as no surprise, since this is generally the time in which couples opt for their walk down the aisle. After saying the “I do’s”, the logical next step is moving in together.nnIt’s an exciting […]

Packing Your Garage: Start De-Grunging Now

Packing your garage or tool shed is always a challenge. In fact, these are probably the toughest areas to pack for a move. The fact of the matter is that these areas often become the final resting place for various useless items and some bizarre bits and pieces. You never really know what you’re going […]

Moving Mistakes You’ll Want to Avoid

Relocation is a stressful process without the added pressure of worrying about potential mistakes that can occur along the way. It’s best to find a way to simplify your move, and in doing so perhaps save you a few pretty pennies that can be better spent elsewhere.nnWe’ve put together a list of the most common […]