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The Best Way to Pack Dishes During a Move

Nothing is quite as irritating as unpacking boxes in your new home, only to find that your dishes are chipped, cracked, or completely broken. It doesn’t matter whether the broken piece you find belongs to your precious wedding china, or whether it’s part of a set you bought at the local supermarket – a single cracked plate is enough to drive anyone to distraction. More often than not, one broken dish necessitates purchasing a whole new set because you’re probably not going to find matching pieces anywhere.nnYou don’t necessarily need to wrap each dish in layers of bubblewrap to keep it safe. Here are some tips on packing your dishes cleverly:n

Vertical Stacking

nWe’re all used to stacking dishes horizontally. After all, that’s how they are stored in your kitchen cupboard, so it seems right to keep them packed that way during your move. Unfortunately, even the smallest bump in the road will cause your plates to bounce while in transit. Even if you have painstakingly wrapped them in newspaper, too much moving around leaves fragile dishes quite vulnerable to breakage. To protect your plates against this sort of damage, wrap each plate carefully (as you normally would), then stack them vertically in a sturdy box. Use soft materials to fill excess space, as this will further reduce the dishes from moving around.n

Plastic Buckets

nPlastic paint buckets, or anything with a similar shape, are a great storage space for plates while in transit. Wrap each plate carefully and stack them one on top of the other in the bucket. Because these buckets are so sturdy and almost the perfect shape to fit your plates in, these dishes won’t have room to bounce around in. It certainly helps that the dishes won’t fall through the bottom of this particular type of container either.n

Restaurant Racks

nPop by your favourite restaurant before your move and ask the staff if it might be possible for you to borrow their dish racks. While this won’t work for a long distance move, it’ll certainly make a local move easier. These heavy duty racks are used in the dishwasher and are much sturdier than conventional boxes. Catering and events companies often use these to transport their own collections of dishes for events, so you know it’s a safe bet.n

Clothes and Towels

nIf you’d like to cut down on disposable packing materials, there is a less wasteful alternative. Use towels, old rags, and tee shirts to keep your dishes safe during the move. Wrap each item in whichever type of material fits best and stack them carefully. To pack wine glasses and similar items, socks are the best material items to use. You need to be extra careful when unpacking these particular items but at least you’ll know precisely where all your socks are once you’ve settled into your new home!nnHave any great packing tips you’d like to share? Drop us a line or comment on this post – we’d love to here from you!

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