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Packing Your Garage: Start De-Grunging Now

Packing your garage or tool shed is always a challenge. In fact, these are probably the toughest areas to pack for a move. The fact of the matter is that these areas often become the final resting place for various useless items and some bizarre bits and pieces. You never really know what you’re going to find.nnIt’s a huge project and should never be left to the last minute. Do yourself a favour and get started as soon as you know a move is on the horizon – it’ll significantly reduce your stress in the long run.n

Sorting your garage before packing

nMake sure you gather a fair amount of packing materials to help you get things done quickly and efficiently. You’re going to need strong storage boxes in varying sizes, bubble wrap, newspapers or packing paper, rags, old blankets and towels, packing tape, plastic bags (preferably re-sealable), cable ties, and coloured marking pens.nnOnce you’ve gathered your packing materials, you need to consider the best way to dive into the sorting process. Start in one space and move from one area to the next. Compartmentalization is going to save you time and help you make sense of the mess. Packing your garage seems much less disastrous when you split it into smaller pieces.nn n

nDecide the fate of your garage items

nFace the facts: garages are home to various items which are not worth moving with you. It’s important to realise that certain possessions are labelled as “dangerous” by moving companies, and have no hope of making it onto the moving truck. Similarly, you’re going to have to figure out which items are truly worthless, and throw them away.nnSome items in your garage may be in fairly decent condition and the temptation to keep them is probably unbearably strong. If, however, you haven’t used an item in a year or more, it’s time to let it go. These can be sold, given to friends, or donated to charity – whichever option makes you feel more comfortable, really.nAny items that you truly can’t live without need to be packed properly and carefully for transportation.n

How to pack your belongings for moving

nHand tools and items that are not uniformly shaped can be challenging to pack, particularly if they have sharp edges. Make sure to protect any blades and wrap each individual tool in old towels, rags, or bubble wrap. Any tools with long handles should be grouped together and tied securely.nBe sure to disassemble power tools insofar as possible. Wrap up all detachable parts and keep them taped to the main body. You don’t want to get to your new home and struggle to pair up various parts. Gas-operated machinery needs to be emptied of fuel completely before the move as well. Moving companies do not take lightly to any dangerous fuels, so if any items are deemed as containing such, they may be left behind.nnPacking your garage is a challenge, no doubt, but with the right approach you could be done in no time.nn 

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