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Packing Up Your Messy Room

We’ve all been guilty of inhabiting a messy room at least once in our lives. Some of us still have a messy room of shame, while others proudly revel in their disorganisation. Who’s to judge? When moving house, it’s highly inadvisable to scoop the mess straight into a box and hope for the best. You really want to start off with a clean slate in your new home. Don’t take the clutter with you. Trust us, you’ll feel so much better about it.nnWhether you’re dealing with a kids’ playroom that has toys strewn across the floor, or chaotic office space with boxes of old paperwork stashed in every corner, there is hope. You might find it difficult to figure out where to start, and that’s perfectly understandable. It’s a bit like ripping off a bandaid. Just get in there and face the music. Once you’ve started, you’ll find it easier to follow through.n

1) Get Organised

nIt’s time for you to get some boxes labelled “keep”, “chuck”, and “donate”. Whether you’re sorting through toys, clothes, shoes, trinkets, or books, you’ll find a spot for each item in one of these boxes. Try to open your mind and think of this as an opportunity to get rid of the dead weight. You’re moving onto a new chapter in life, so you really don’t want anything holding you back.nnYou’re going to be tempted to keep some seriously battered old stuff. Don’t fall into the trap. Unless it holds real sentimental value, let it go. Similarly, consider how another person would feel digging through these boxes. Don’t donate any old junk. If you’re going to donate anything at all, make sure it’s gently used and still in fairly good condition. People appreciate charity; they don’t appreciate being treated like the final resting place for someone’s junk.n

2) Get Your Essentials Ready

nMessy rooms are the absolute worst when it comes to finding something at the last minute. Make sure to back your essentials into a bag in advance. Toiletries, a change of clothes, toilet paper, and a towel are an absolute must. If you’re generally a bit on the disorganized side, these items could be scattered all around your home. Gather everything you need while you still can. It’s not ideal to flap around on moving day; and you certainly don’t want to send your friends or family into the fray at the last minute either.n

3) Get Those Labels Done

nThe best way to avoid total chaos in your new home is to work on your labelling skills. Mark boxes with general categories to make your life simpler. It’s not necessary to get too specific. Maybe it’s worth labelling these boxes according to the room they were packed in. A simple “kitchen” label should tell you precisely where to find that pesky frying pan when you’re unpacking. If you’re more of a visual person, consider colour coding your labels. This will make it even easier to get organized on the other side.n

4) Get a Moving App

nThere are tons of free moving apps out there. Pick one you like the look of and download it before you start packing. You’re guaranteed to make quick work of the packing process with some digital assistance. You’d be surprised at the amount of clarity you’ll get with a small amount of guidance. Essentially, a moving app will think of everything you need to do before the big day – you’ll be able to make to-do list, create checklists, and so much more.nn 

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