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What to Expect When Professional Movers Pack for You

Rest assured, your moving company will generally only hire packers are highly experienced; the risk of having even a single item damaged is just too high and it’s best for them to keep themselves covered. The great news is, with years of expertise backing them, they’ll have your household goods packed in less than no time. They’re fully aware of how to pack boxes without making them too heavy. They’re also perfectly aware of how to protect your furniture and appliances against damage while they’re in transit.nnFrankly, it’s best to move out of their way and let them get on with it. All you need to do is give them a quick walk-through of your home, give them an overview of what needs to be packed, and alert them to any special care items.n

What They’ll Do

nMore often than not, the first thing they’ll do is protect your floors against any potential scratches, scrapes, or other damage that could occur. Once this is done, they’ll bring a wide variety of packing materials inside. To make things a little more efficient, the packers will then split up, one or two of them to each room. Once everything is packed, they’ll make a note of which room the box came from. Don’t expect them to mark off every single item in the box – that’s not a part of the job description. As long as they know which box belongs in which room, they’ve done their part. By the end of the day, they will probably pack around 100 to 120 boxes.n

It’s Not Their Job to Differentiate Between Belongings and “Trash” Items

nIt’s important to remember that a professional packer’s job revolves around speed and efficiency. Packing over 100 boxes a day means there’s no time to sift through the items in your home, trying to figure out what you want to take and what you want to leave behind. In all honesty, it’s impossible for them to know whether that stack of magazines is important to you or whether that pile of old stuffed animals is going to charity. Anything you really don’t want moved should be removed from the rooms that need to be packed. If there’s very little space to move around in, it may be a good idea to label the items you don’t want with a fairly large “DO NOT PACK” sign – and be sure to let them know verbally as well.n

They Won’t Waste Space

nIn an effort to save on packing materials, and save you money, professional packers will¬† fill each box to capacity. This means that if they’re working in your living room and run out of items halfway through a box, they’ll move onto the next available room and continue filling that box. This is standard practice. It helps them ensure that items are packed properly without any room for damage.n

Stay Out of the Way, But Stick Around

nYou really do need to be present for the packing process. In case the team need to ask you any questions, or in case you remember some last minute precious items, you need to be available. It’s best to keep pets and children out of the way. The moving environment isn’t necessarily the safest place for them. Of course, they’ll also slow your movers down. If at all possible, find a friend or a sitter who can keep an eye out for the day.n

You Determine When Everything is Done for the Day

nAnother reason for you to stick around is that it’s your responsibility to say when the packing is done. Take the time to walk through your house with the team. Check the cupboards, nooks and crannies to make sure everything is packed. Once you’ve signed off on a job well done, the packing team is released from their obligations.nnHaving professional movers help you with the packing process makes it all so much easier. As long as you know what to expect, you’ll find it’s smooth sailing all the way.

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