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International Furniture Removals Open For Business During Lockdown

Yes, you read correctly, international furniture removals have been authorised during the currently adjusted level-3 of the coronavirus lockdown. There are, however, a number of precautions in place, as well as regulations that need to be followed to ensure a smooth and stress-free international removal for all parties.

New regulations for all international furniture removals

The latest regulations, gazetted on 7 May, now allow the once-off movement of people and goods within South Africa and have recently been adjusted to include international furniture removals.

People can move (including across provinces & internationally) under specific conditions. These are:

  • A new lease agreement must have been entered into and proof of the new contract must be supplied.
  • The transfer of immovable property must have occurred and must require a change in place of residence.

Requirements that need to adhere to

During the move you and the international removal company should have in their possession:

  • For tenants – the terminating lease agreement and the new lease agreement to determine that the new lease agreement was entered into before or during the lockdown, that is, before 30 April 2020.
  • For homeowners – the transfer documents attesting to the change in place of residence or change of ownership of property.
  • Both tenants and homeowners will need a copy of the permit to relocate signed by a SAPS station commander or a person designated by the station commander. To issue the permit the SAPS officer will need to see the terminating lease agreement and new lease document (for tenants) and the relevant transfer documents (for homeowners).
  • Other information required includes a list of all individuals who will be required to move.

A permit from your local SAPS is required

Probably the most important requirement is a permit that needs to applied for at your local police station and stamped by the station commander on duty.

The full list of requirements and the application form is available on the government website here.

Still have questions about international furniture removals?

If you still have questions about international moving, please do not hesitate to contact us and will gladly assist.

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