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Importance of Good Packing for International Furniture Removals

The importance of good packing & superior packing materials cannot be stressed enough when it comes to international furniture removals. Most of us work really hard to purchase all the things we like to have around us in life and they provide a sense of comfort, so to see these damaged or destroyed during a furniture removal is always a tragedy. But the good news is this is very preventable.

How to pack possessions for international furniture removals

Start off by dismantling all furniture where this is possible as it makes the packing process easier. Be sure to protect small parts with bubble wrap, and even pack them into a clearly marked box. Also, keep hinges, bolts, and screws in small bags or boxes, and tape them to the corresponding furniture items.

Remember that all removals including international furniture removals are priced on the space used, so in a bid to save space, you can store some of your belongings inside cupboards and drawers to save space (only pack light, soft items in cupboards and drawers to avoid being overloaded and further damages). Before packing any old clothes or accessories into your cupboard space, it may be a good idea to wrap them up in some plastic too – the less dust you have to deal with at a later stage, the better. This will also protect against insects and dampness, ensuring that your clothes remain in mint condition.

The wrapping of furniture for international removals is very important and highly recommended. Also, all fragile items should be crated by a professional crater.

The packing of cartons for international moving

The packing of cartons for international moving isn’t all that different from domestic removals, with the addition of using more smaller cartons than large ones. Also, be sure to include some excess paper in cartons that have items that could be damaged in humid conditions, like books, materials or clothing. The paper will aid in absorbing the excess moisture which may occur.

Again, be very sure of all the items you would like to take with you as the more cartons are packed, the more space is used which leads to additional costs.

What about storage?

There are periods during most international furniture removals when your effects will be stored, be it for a few days or even a few months. It all depends on the type of shipment. For example, packing direct into a container where it is for single-use (your furniture only) incurs the least amount of storage.

Why do we bring this up? Well, it’s for several reasons. Firstly, the larger the volume the more the overall cost will be including the storage cost which is also based on volume. Some storage is free, but please clarify this before accepting your international quote. Secondly, storage time means the effects need to be packed correctly and stored correctly to avoid damage or deterioration due to atmospheric conditions. Finally, with the current changes both locally and internationally with COVID lockdown levels things may change very quickly and your furniture may need to be stored for an unknown period of time, so this is just precautionary.

What does packing have to do with insurance?

In short everything. Insurance only covers the items comprehensively that have been packed professionally by a removals team, especially cartons. If any items are not packed or crated correctly insurance cover may be partly or even completely waivered. So be careful here and rather check with your international removals company on what is and what all the exclusions will be.

A Professional International Removals Company

At the end of the day, the best advice we can give is to make sure the international removals company you choose to move with is a professional company and that they have years of experience in this area, as it can be tricky and filled with many unforeseen pitfalls to those who are not qualified.

If you are indeed in the planning phase of your international move, please do not hesitate to reach out to us for a free international removal quote or just some good advice. You can also email us at

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