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Moving Exercises to Get you Ready for the Big Day

Moving takes its toll on the body. Not many people consider the physical strain associated with the moving process until they’ve carted several boxes up the stairs. By then, their shoulders are sore and their backs are aching. Moving exercises can help you prepare for the big day.n

Reducing the Physical Strain of a DIY Move

nIt’s a good idea to start working on your moving exercises at least 3 – 4 weeks before the move. You may encounter fitness regimens that claim to get you in shape in less than a week but you’ll want to steer clear of any unrealistic expectations. It takes time to truly prepare your body. The great thing about long-term training is that you’ll start building up your general fitness levels and flood your body with feel-good endorphins.n

Neck and Shoulders

nYour neck and shoulder muscles do a fair portion of the heavy lifting. Try doing overhead presses and lateral raises to strengthen these muscles. Swimming is a fantastic low-impact form of training that will keep your shoulders strong and mobile.n

Core and Back

nYour back and core are the bad boys who really have to work to get those boxes into your new home. The most basic way for you to strengthen your core is to set yourself a planking challenge. See how long you can hold a high pushup position. Start at 30 seconds and work your way up. The longer you can hold the position, the stronger your core becomes.nnPilates or yoga classes that focus on strength are also a great idea. Developing a strong core is the best physical support you’ll ever have. It’s great for preventing back injuries during your move but just generally good for your body in the long run.n



nIt takes a lot more than spinach to get your “Popeye muscles” ready for moving day. Your bicepts will benefit greatly from adding pull-ups and curls to your regular routine. Mix things up by adding in push-ups, bench presses, and tricep dips.nn n

Legs and Glutes

nBy now, you’ve probably been told to “lift with your legs” about a million times. This really is the most efficient use of your lower body power. In order to tone and strengthen your legs and glutes, it’s a good idea to work lunges, squats, and running stairs into your workout. Strengthening this part of your body will significantly lower the stress on your joints on moving day.n

Full Body Workout

nThe best workout is a balanced one. It’s a good idea to strengthen your whole body evenly. Many people, particularly those who are new to exercising, choose yoga or pilates as their fitness foundation.nnTo avoid getting bored, you might want to consider rotating through some other activities including TRX, Crossfit, kickboxing, or spinning classes. Cardio is important for boosting your fitness levels, and you may wish to give something like Zumba a try as well.nnExercise is great for improving your pre-move fitness but it’s also a gateway to a happier, healthier lifestyle in general.

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