For most of us, we have never before been through a time as we are currently experiencing. Many describe it as unprecedented times. The coronavirus causing the spread of COVID-19 has really turned the world upside down. The long-term effects not only on everyone’s health, but also society at large and businesses (both big & small), is yet to be quantified.

Moving Companies Cape Town

Moving companies Cape Town and further afield are all being effected by the lockdown currently in place across South Africa. As a local provider of furniture removals, as well as long-distance and internationally, we will need the support of all South African’s to recover from this lengthy period of inactivity. We know this concern is applicable to all local and national businesses across the country who currently are unable to generate an income.

What is the significance of Small & Medium Enterprises in South Africa (SME’s)?

The SME sector is a vital part of the South African economy, contributing to the employment of many South African’s. It provides 47% employment of the national workforce, 20% to South Africa’s GDP and also 6% to corporate taxes. There are a number of campaigns currently running in the media which urge the public to support local businesses once the lockdown ends and things return to some sort of normality. We could not agree more, and as a local company we ourselves have been and once again will be supporting as many local businesses as we can for all our supplies.

Local is lekker!

This is such a great local saying “local is lekker!” and it truly is. As a local company we tend to understand the market much better, what clients want and what their needs are. We are a proudly South African company in all aspects and we also employ our trained staff from the local community. Without the support of our community we would not be in existence. We thank each and every one of our clients, for having had the privilege of taking care of your priceless possessions every time you have moved home.

To see what our clients have had to say about our service please visit the independent reviews website Sirelo.

Monarch Moving and Storage Employees

Message from Monarch Moving

Monarch Moving pledges to be here for our community and clients, not only presently, but also the future, as we come out of the current lockdown. We want to also thank all our staff members for their support and assisting all our clients. Once again thank you to all our clients past and present for your business. We trust that you will all stay at home, stay safe and look after your health and that of of your family and all those around you. We are enjoying all the family time and special moments which we don’t always get with a rushed life. So we hope you are able to do the same.

Thank you to all the essential staff who are out there keeping things going, but most of all keeping everyone safe and healthy.

See you all soon. Much love from the Anton, Megan and the whole Monarch Moving team.

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