We live in an age where there seems to be an app for everything. Why not make the most of this and download something that smoothes out the moving process for you? Anything that helps to reduce stress during your relocation is a serious boon, and we recommend grabbing onto any stress-reducer with both hands!


MoveAdvisor is a state-of-the-art moving checklist app that gives you complete control over the organisational stages of your upcoming relocation. Think of it as your personal moving helper. With MoveAdvisor you can streamline your planning process,  no longer wasting entire days as a result of disorganization.

MoveAdvisor enables you to execute the perfect move:

• Total control over the relocation process!
• Complete virtual room-by-room apartment or house moving inventory;
• 100% free to download, install and use moving checklist;
• No annoying advertising banners.

 Download the app free for iPhone here and for Android here.


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