One of nature’s most famous journeys is the mystery of the great annual migration of Monarch butterflies from Canada to Mexico.  Monarch butterflies are the only insects to migrate such vast distances and at each stage of their journey they transform.  Their metamorphosis sees them growing from an egg into a caterpillar through the chrysalis stage to become something entirely new.

As they are known for their incredible resilience throughout this annual journey, Monarch butterflies are the ultimate symbol for change, adaption and transformation. We chose this symbol and name for our business because we realise with every move, our clients are also transitioning from one stage of their lives to the next.

Watch this beautiful video that inspired our name. It was released by B Animal Planet 2015 | Discovery Channel | Wildlife Animals on the incredible journey of the Monarch butterflies. Turn up your speakers.

Your journey from one location to another, and all the changes that go along with it, is a transformative process which marks the beginning of a new phase in your life.

While you may be packing up some parts of your current home and belongings to take along with you, an entirely new adventure lies in wait.

Moving Truck

Just like the “Monarch butterflies complete their journey in such an optimal, predetermined way…” we help you in the same way, with yours.


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