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Top 3 Tips For Easier Furniture Removals

Whether you are in Cape Town, Joburg, Port Elizabeth or Durban, moving house can be stressful if you are not prepared. Nearly every homeowner underestimates the quantity of packing required for their home. And as packing usually morphs into a cleansing project as well, time is quickly devoured. To help make your furniture removals journey easier, here are our top 3 tips.

The 3 L’s Of Furniture Removals

List, list, list – It might sound tedious and a waste of time, but we know the ins and outs of furniture removals and lists make your life a LOT easier.

You need to make a list of every single item that you will be moving and then group them so that they are packed in related boxes. You will be so delighted at your new destination when your kettle and your spatula for morning eggs and bacon are easily located.

It will ALSO help you check to make sure that everything has arrived. If there is no master list, then there is no control.

Label each box according to the room they must be delivered into and avoid “general” boxes at all costs. Be specific with each box label, e.g. kitchen machinery, kitchen cutlery. Your fabulous list-making notepad will then have kitchen machinery as a header and the items it contains listed beneath, and the same for all your boxes’ contents. It may be time-consuming at the packing stage but a huge time and frustration-saver at the destination.

Packaging Materials For Furniture Removals.

You, like most homeowners, will probably be surprised by the amount of bubble wrap you will end up using. Make sure you purchase a bulk roll of it as well as other recyclable packaging materials. We can help you by supplying you with recycled and recyclable packaging material at very affordable rates. You will also need a large number of boxes. We can also help you with an estimated number of boxes needed.

We don’t recommend using newspapers as the ink will rub off onto your assets.

Extra Boxes

If you think you need 40 boxes for your move, you will probably need 80, so don’t be surprised by our estimated number of boxes or your final count. We recommend that you keep 2 or 3 boxes separate for the dedicated packing of your bedding, toiletries and towels for showering, pyjamas and a change of clothes and any items for your morning routine. You will not be unpacking all your boxes on the day that you arrive, so have these dedicated boxes available so you can shower, sleep in a made bed, wake up and get ready with minimal frustration. Your destination home will be chaotic for a good few days, so give yourself a good first night and first morning with these essential boxes.

For more tips and advice for your best furniture removals experience, give us a call now!

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