A lot goes into a building your private wine collection, so understandably it’s really important to to move it safely.

Plan and Pack

It’s advisable to inventory an extensive collection, ideally with a list and photos. Also let us know ahead of time that you’ll need this specialised service, and we can assist with all aspects being well experienced in this service. You’ll also need to ensure your valuable collection is covered, as your general insurance cover may not extend to wine. 

We can help pack up your collection for safe transporting, with our range of specialised packaging. If you’re packing your own collection, pack the bottles either upside down or on their side, and indicate that the contents are fragile, and which side should face up.

In Transit

Wine is best preserved in transit when the moving conditions remain ideal and constant. We at Monarch ensure these conditions are met and maintained during the move, and subsequent storage if you’ve arranged that with us too.

On Arrival

Some red vintages especially, should be placed on their sides or upside down in the packing container to keep corks wet and sediment undisturbed.  Even with the utmost care in packing and moving your wine collection, wine may be unsettled in the bottle through movement and motion. To avoid the quality and flavour of your wine being altered it’s best to allow the bottles to settle once unpacked, ideally for a few weeks. 

For more information or assistance with planning your move, please get in touch with our team for a free quote.


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