While many people are only too happy to donate their houseplants to local hospitals, libraries, or charities, there are those who prefer a different approach. Of course, it is possible to gift potted plants to your friends or to attempt to sell them.

On the other hand, you’ve spent many years taking care of those plants. You’ve invested time and effort in loving your houseplants. They’re almost like a part of your family. If you do decide to take them along with you, you might need some tips on how to make sure they survive the trip.

A DIY Approach to Moving with Plants

Moving your plants yourself means that you have a certain level of control over environmental conditions. For long distances, you need to remember that parked vehicles are susceptible to extremely hot (or cold) temperatures.

Be sure to water houseplants thoroughly before leaving. Attempting to water them in the car will probably cause a mess. Many plants are able to survive for at least a week before needing water. However, if do happen to have particularly sensitive plants, a spray bottle might be your best option.

Transfer each plant to a sturdy plastic container at least a week or two before the move. Ceramic pots are not only easily breakable, they’re also quite heavy and messy to cart around.

Environmental Factors

Certain houseplants are susceptible to shock, and do not handle moving particularly well at all. The distance moved or time spent in transit doesn’t necessarily make the effects of the shock any greater; it just means the plant will take a little longer to recover.

Houseplants are particular sensitive to temperature changes. Anything below 2 degrees C or above 35 degrees C can be fatal. Storing plants in cartons and wrapping them properly can help them to withstand any major variations in temperature.

Plants that don’t get enough light are more susceptible to disease and growth abnormalities. When re-introducing light to plants that have been stored in the dark for any length of time, it’s important to slowly expose the plant to direct sunlight rather than risk wilting or scalding.


To save space, it may be possible to take cuttings of your beloved houseplants. If they can be easily propagated that way – and if you have some experience in doing so – cuttings will often survive without a problem wrapped in a wet paper towel and kept in a plastic bag.

Professional Moving

Should you feel safer asking professional movers to take care of your plants for you, it’s important to note that not all moving companies offer this service. If you do find a moving company that can assist, they may have distance limits in place. If the delivery takes more than 24 hours and additional storage is required, you may need to re-evaluate.


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