When it comes to packing up your belongings, bulkier items aren’t much of a challenge. Moving your precious wine collection and your delicate crystal glasses and champagne flutes, is another story entirely.

That bottle you’ve been keeping for a special occasion, the special crystal glasses from your wedding, and those thoughtful gifts from your closest friends all deserve special attention. You don’t want them bumping around in transit, and getting damaged or broken along the way.

Here are some tips on taking special care to preserve your beloved collection:


  1. Use Cell Boxes

    Pre-made cell boxes help you pack your glassware into neatly organized compartments that keep them safe during your move. A thin piece of cardboard in between each glass prevents them from crashing against each other, preventing cracks and chips. It’s possible to make your own cell boxes using styrofoam picnic plates, just be careful to pack your glasses snugly.

  1. Use white tissue papers, not newspapers

    Most people opt for newspapers, not realising that the ink on these pages can stain your glasses. It’s not a permanent blemish but it does cause some unnecessary clean up when you reach your destination. White tissue paper is a much safer bet.

  1. If you’re using bubble wrap, use it over the tissue paper

    Bubble wrap is often the packing material of choice. Most people assume that the air pockets will protect the wine glasses completely, without even the slightest threat of damage. It’s important to note that padding glasses directly can cause the plastic and crystal to “hang on” to each other. The grip between the two can lead to broken stems. A single layer of tissue paper between the glassware and bubble wrap is generally the best way to go about it.

  1. Pad the empty space

    A few gaps between glasses is all it takes to create enough room for vibration. Take the time to pad those spaces with socks, tissue paper, or rags to prevent your glasses from bumping into each other.


  1. Fragile Labels

    You need to label every side of your box with a fragile sticker. Alternatively, use a dark-coloured marker to do the job. Your movers are going to be quite busy on the day of your move, and they can’t be expected to investigate every side of every box, looking for tiny warning notes.

  1. Get some wine shipping containers

    Wine bottles are a little particular when it comes to how they like being treated. Generally speaking, they need to be transported at a specific temperature, and without too much vibration. This can be difficult to achieve with a normal moving truck and the accompanying packing procedures. Wine shipping containers help to alleviate the problem.

  1. Know your wines

    If you’re somewhat of a wine connoisseur, chances are you know that each varietal needs to be handled in a specific way. It’s all about preserving the wine’s character. Packing and moving your bottles means knowing how to handle them. Some wines are easily packed in a cell box while others need to be transported upside down. When it comes to wine, orientation is surprisingly important.

  1. Give your wine some time

    Red wines, in particular, need some time to settle after being moved. Bottle shock causes the flavour of the wine to go off as a result of an imbalance in acidity and alcohol levels. After being shaken or exposed to a range of different temperatures, your wine bottles will need to sit for about a week before you attempt to open them.


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