Moving heavy furniture on your own can be a very risky business, especially if you have no clear idea what it takes to achieve a satisfactory level of moving day safety. In order to avoid moving injuries or premature damage to your prized possessions when moving from one home to another, you have to be familiar with the major safety guidelines.

Anyone who dares to disregard the common sense safety tips when moving furniture could end up badly hurt by taking on too much weight at the same time or by handling the furniture moving job the wrong way. The good news is that you don’t have to be like any of those people who are 100% sure that safety when moving house is grossly overrated.

The best way to move heavy furniture, which coincides with the easiest way to move furniture as well, is to let top-rated movers do it for you. However, if professional moving assistance is just not the right way for you, then the following hand-picked moving day safety tips for moving furniture should keep you injury-free until you reach the protection of your new home.

1. Disassemble furniture pieces

It’s fair to say that your large furniture pieces – king- and queen-size beds, dressers, wardrobes, cabinets, bookshelves, sectional sofas, armchairs, desks, and tables – will give you the most troubles on Moving day. In fact, furniture is regarded as one of the most difficult items to move to another home due to its oversized dimensions, considerable weight, often awkward shape, and occasional fragility and high value – antique furniture, for example.

Safety is always a big concern when moving heavy furniture by yourself, and that is exactly why the best course of action when you do decide to take some or maybe all of your large and heavy pieces with you is to hire experienced furniture movers who just know what to do.

However, in case you can’t afford professional help or you know you can take control of your house move with a few trusted friends, the next best thing is to disassembly your furniture before you take it out of your home.

It’s important to remember that furniture disassembly is one of the best safety tips for moving furniture. If you wonder why you should do it, here are just a few examples of the difficulties you may face on Moving day:

  • some of your furniture pieces will be just too big to fit through standard door openings and narrow hallways unless they are broken down safely to its main components;
  • some pieces will be too heavy and awkwardly shaped to be carried up or down any number of flight stairs;
  • other furniture pieces you own will be too fragile to be just taken out as they are – especially if they come with breakable glass components and frail ornaments.

So, stay safe and protect your valuable possessions by disassembling your big furniture as far as they can go. Measure your furniture pieces first to see if they will fit through all door openings and hallways. If you don’t know what to do or how to do it, ask a friend who does, or even better – contact professional furniture movers.


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