Whether you’re downsizing to a smaller home, worried about the cost of lugging your personal library overseas, or simply tired of boxing and un-boxing stacks of books every time you move, going digital might be a smart move. Sure, you might want to keep a few priceless or sentimental copies – there’s no pressing reason to get ride of absolutely EVERY book in your possession – but do you really want to keep every bit of paperback fluff you’ve ever laid your eyes on?

In the end, you don’t need to dump your entire collection. There are always people and places in need of a ton of books. Think of this as your chance to do some good, and enrich a few lives with your generous donation.


Why You Should Go Digital

Tablets and e-book readers aren’t your typical electronic “toy”. These aren’t fancy tech items you’ll buy but never use. It might not be something that you absolutely needs, but it’s certainly worth considering that supporting digital publishers is a huge step towards taking better care of our environment. Deforestation is an enormous issue, perhaps it’s time for all of us to consider that fact a little more.

Other reasons to make the switch include:

  • When travelling, you only need to pack on slim-lined little item rather than a stack of heavy books
  • When you’re hankering after something new to read, you can download virtually anything without leaving the comfort of your home
  • E-book readers can be used in night mode and as such are better for your eyes and won’t disturb your sleeping partner
  • Bookmarking, highlighting, and researching information or foreign terms is much easier on an electronic device
  • These skinny devices are easier on the wrist and less bulky to hold for lengthy periods of time


packing light

Where to Get Rid of Your Books

Throwing books away isn’t the best move. In fact, it’s something you’re bound to regret. There are better ways to lighten your load, some of which could lead to making a bit of extra cash as well.

  • EBay –You might not make an enormous amount of money from selling second hand books online but the process is surprisingly easy (and every little bit of cash counts, right?)
  • Nonprofit – Pick a nonprofit organisation that you’re passionate about and donate your books to them. They’ll sell them and use the proceeds for their cause.
  • Libraries – A global lack of funding is causing libraries to shut down. Donated books help to prevent them from closing their doors.
  • Books for Africa – Across Africa, access to books and other learning materials is a serious problem. Your donated books could make a huge difference in promoting literacy in underprivileged areas.

A small amount of research goes a long way into finding the right place to donate your unwanted books. Find out if your neighbourhood is working with any specific organisations that could benefit from your assistance.



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