To protect your floors and furniture when moving, we have these tips to follow.

Using a rubber wheel dolly for you move lightens the load significantly, helps you load and offload more quickly, and protects your furniture and floors.

In addition to this there are some floor and furniture coverings that protect really well:

  • Furniture Blankets – to protect furniture while moving and in transit.
  • Quality Boxes – and strong tape to reinforce the bottom of the boxes properly is ideal to prevent the boxes popping open and goods getting damaged.
  • Old Rugs – or even blankets also come in handy during your move, especially for sharp objects.
  • Furniture Sliders – made of strong plastic and hard rubber are very effective at protecting your floors and making heavy objects much easier to move.
  • Plastic Coverings – are excellent protection for carpeted floors.
  • Also make sure the floors are clean before your move, that high traffic areas are well covered and that mud and sand are not being transferred into the house as these can be abrasive.

We hope that these few tips are helpful in planning your move. For more information you’re welcome to contact us for advice.


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