With a big move on the horizon, you might be wondering whether or not to rent a self-storage unit. Everyone has a different opinion, and of course, the need for a storage unit varies from person to person. It’s probably worth your while to weigh up the odds and to carefully consider whether or not it’s a good idea for you.

The Pros

  1. Self-storage facilities are a great way to keep your belongings under lock and key; safe from pests, weather, human error, or thieves. Most of these facilities will also offer insurance to cover you in the case of any unfortunate events.
  2. You’ll have round-the-clock access to your possessions. It’s a bit like having a basement or attic space that’s separate from your house. You’ll be able to keep an eye on your storage boxes, grabbing items if and when you need them.
  3. Storage units can usually be rented for any length of time. More often than not, you’ll get a discounted rate if you sign a long-term lease. It’s comforting to have that level of stability when it comes to keeping your belongings safe.
  4. If you’re downsizing temporarily, and simply can’t bear to part with your possessions, short-term storage is an affordable way to keep items safe until your next big move. Consider whether or not you’re really going to need all those items in the future; you don’t want to hoard anything unnecessarily.
  5. When  you’re in-between moves, storage units help you keep your feet on the ground. You may have moved out of your old house and haven’t yet managed to find a new home. Alternatively, you might be moving overseas for a few months and need somewhere to store your belongings until you get home.

The Cons

  1. Your rental price doesn’t cover the physical moving of your belongings into the storage unit. If you’re going to be storing a whole household of items, you’re going to want to factor the moving costs into your decision. Certain full-service movers will be able to help you find an affordable storage unit through their company, and may also be able to give you a discount on moving rates should you need them.
  2. If you’re moving long distance, you might struggle to store your belongings in a space that you can’t really keep an eye on. You may wish to look into a storage facility that is equipped with surveillance cameras. You’ll also need to be sure to ask about burglary prevention for your own peace of mind.
  3. Should you realise that you actually do want to retrieve something from the storage facility while you’re abroad, it can be complicated to get hold of the item. You may need to ask a friend or family member to take a trip down to the storage unit and dig through piles of boxes for you. It’s a time-consuming task, and a little bit of a hassle, but not impossible.
  1. If you can’t afford a temperature-controlled unit, your belongings will be susceptible to temperature fluctuations. Some items, particularly wooden furniture, tend to expand and contract in hot and cold conditions. Sensitive items like these might not be well-suited to a standard storage unit.

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