When your employer announces that the time has come for a corporate relocation, chances are it will take mere seconds for you to transition from excitement to panic and then dread. We’d like to help you stay on the excited end of the spectrum. Sure, a corporate relo is somewhat unnerving but it’s also the opportunity of a lifetime (usually).

While we hope that your employer will take a proactive approach in supporting you, you’re going to have to shoulder a fairly large burden in this yourself. Of course, we’d like to help lighten your own personal burden by providing you with some tips to ensure your relocation experience is as stress-free as possible. This is your golden opportunity, and you should feel positive about it every step of the way.

Monarch Moving Relocations

Are you covered by a corporate relocation package?

Larger companies will provide employees with relocation packages that clearly outline what is offered by the company and what isn’t. If you are offered one of these packages, you’ll need to take the time to read through the accompanying documentation thoroughly. You need to arm yourself with all the information required to ask pertinent questions.

Will they pay for a full-service moving company for you and your family? What happens when you get to your destination? Will they provide all the information and resources needed to settle into your new home?

How will you be compensated for your big move?

Relocation is expensive. If you have a family, the associated costs can be exorbitant. You need to discover, well in advance, how your company intends to compensate you for the expenses incurred during your move. Are they giving you a lump sum upfront? Or will they reimburse you after the fact? How big is that budget, exactly? Are there significant limitations?

Find out what you need to know and negotiate if necessary. You’ll probably find that it’s always necessary. Remember, even if it is a great opportunity for you, you need to remind your employer that you’re actually moving for the benefit of the company and should be treated fairly as a result.

How will you deal with your own expenses?

While there are certain costs you employer is obligated to cover, you’re going to rack up a significant tab of your own. Creating an out-of-pocket budget can help you tackle these expenses without feeling surprised or overwhelmed. Your company will cover costs associated with your job as well as certain basic living expenses but the rest is all up to you.

Will you need temporary housing?

Some companies will cover housing expenses, while others will not. Your best bet is to secure temporary housing before your move. You’re going to need some sort of stability while you settle in to your new job and comb the city for your new home. Staying in stuffy hotel rooms and eating out gets expensive and painfully tedious after a while – you’re going to want some sense of normalcy in those first few months.

If you’re looking for a professional moving company to assist with this big change in your life, we’ve got you covered. Better yet, pass our details onto your employer and we’ll make sure their corporate relocation package has you covered!


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