To plan a smooth move, check off these few important points leading up to your move to Cape Town.

  • Book your move as early as possible, at Monarch we understand this date might change, and we try to be as flexible as possible to accommodate your arrangements.
  • Start to lighten the load. Moving time is great for a clear out and get rid of the old stuff that’s been clogging up your garage, and you don’t have space right away you can always book a storage unit  with us – we’ll help you get sorted quickly and well in time for your move.
  • Details are important. Let us know if you have any unusual items ahead of time, or a high volume of anything so we can prepare the right vehicle in advance – it’s far better than having to change last-minute.  
  • Need help packing? Monarch can look after your packing, the move, then unpacking. We’re also happy to part pack if there are specific items you’d like us to prepare and pack. If you’re doing all your own packing just remember the more efficiently things are packed, boxed, stored and labelled, the smoother the move. 
  • Don’t forget moving insurance – we have this covered, and can advise you on the best solution for you so you’re comprehensively covered but not double paying. 
  • Is there unusual or difficult access? If there’s anything you think might prove tricky let us know, we’ll make be sure to plan ahead.
  • We like to get on with it! Our teams are well experienced and keen to do the job in hand. You can provide specific direction to the drivers required, but otherwise we’re happy for you to relax while we take care of things.
  • Once the team has everything ready to go, do one final check of the property to make sure they have everything that needs to go. Remember with heavy loads it will take us longer to get to your destination, so be prepared to wait a little while if you’ve gone on ahead.
  • Once the team has arrived, if there are specific instructions please just let them know. Unpacking is always a lot quicker, but you’re welcome to direct us on where you’d like things, or change some things around until you’re happy.

Monarch Moving & Storage understands that moving to a new town is a big step, and possesses the knowledge and experience to make your move quick and efficient. Our expert moving crew is here to help – get in touch for a free quote.


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