This one’s for the procrastinators, the night owls, the schedule-impaired, the last minute-packers… You kept telling yourself you had enough time to pack. You’ve been living life instead of bubblewrapping and boxing. Who can blame you? Packing for a big move isn’t the most appealing job in the world.

Now, your movers are basically on your doorstep and you’re so unprepared that you’re just about ready to cancel the whole move.

Take a step back. Breathe. Focus. We’ve got you covered.

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Here’s a list showing you how simple your last-minute move can be:

Organise and Start Listing

Download our packing checklist. Get yourself organised, and decide which room you should start with. Making this a room-by-room process will break the seemingly huge task into achievable chunks.

Call for Help

It’s time for you to cash in on those favours you’ve been promised by loved ones. Give them a call, and ask them to help lift your burden. Order a pizza, pop a bottle of bubbly, and make the whole thing a celebratory affair. You’ll keep everyone happy and make the process less dreary.

Source Your Supplies

Those leftover boxes hidden deep in the dark caverns of your garage aren’t going to cut it. Get the packing equipment you need before you knuckle down for the actual packing process. You’re going to need boxes of varying sizes, bubble wrap, packing peanuts, newspaper, tape, sticky notes, and marking pens. Running around searching for these items when your packing process is already in full swing will only cause delays and turn the whole thing into a palaver.

Don’t Be a Hoarder

Bottom line: you can’t pack everything. There is no point in packing up things you no longer need. Start a donation box. Items that can’t be donated should go straight to the bin (and preferably recycled).

Start with Your Clothes

Start the packing process with your clothes. Keep aside any clothes you’re going to be wearing over the next few days. Pack a suitcase with any clothes you’ll be needing in the first two weeks following your move. Shove (neatly) any other clothes in a clearly marked box, so they won’t get in your way but will be easy to find later on.

Open First Box

We’ve dedicated a post to your “open first box” here. Set aside a box for items you’ll be needing right away – make sure one of those items is your coffee maker, you’re going to rely on it heavily for the first few days!

Become a Time Management Pro

Set a timer to 60 minutes, and get used to power-packing in hourly increments. Take a short 10-minute break. Lather, rinse, repeat. This will keep your energy levels up, and maximise the amount of time available to you.

Need a few extra hands on deck? Contact us for a comprehensive packing and moving quote. We’re happy to shoulder as much of your stress as possible.


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