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At Monarch Moving, our company is established on providing professional, expertly executed relocations. We derive our unique name from the alluring and adaptable Monarch butterflies. During their great annual migration over long distances, these beautiful insects symbolise resilience as they transform with grace in each stage of the journey.

Similarly, we know that moving is a transformative process for you, and we can make that transition smoother by helping you move from one phase to the next. Like Monarch butterflies, we strive towards greatness in our everyday operations and will travel the distance for you no matter how long or short it is.

And at Monarch Moving, we too are just as unique to the moving industry, going the extra mile to ensure that we provide reliable and reputable service to our clients with every move.

Our Management

Our company Director, Anton Coetzee, brings his years of experience and wealth of industry knowledge to lead Monarch Moving successfully. As a former director and branch manager of a large international removals group, Anton knows what is important to our clients. Valuing our clients’ moving needs, we will always prioritise your belongings. This is our commitment to you. We are dedicated to providing service excellence to every client.

Our Team

Diversifying Growth

Monarch Moving belongs to our management and staff alike. We aim to develop previously disadvantaged individuals by providing skills development programmes. Our team members are being equipped with skills that will help them grow. We strive to always transfer our knowledge and experience to them. Monarch Moving is building a company for the future, and by so doing, we are ensuring business continuity and upliftment of our communities.

Empowering Our People

As Monarch Moving becomes a leader in the removals industry, we strive towards empowering our team. Our goals are aligned with the direction of our staff and encourage upskilling them with the necessary knowledge to uplift themselves in the future. Our growth is intertwined in our employees’ career paths too.

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