Moving overseas takes a lot of planning and preparation, we’re sure you have a pretty good idea on what items you shouldn’t pack into your luggage or cargo. However, it may be useful to keep this list handy.

 Here we’re referring specifically to prohibited items, i.e. things you may not include at all, rather than restricted items which have strict regulatory requirements but can still be include in your move overseas provided you have the necessary documentation.

Prohibited items

This is a general list of common prohibited items that may be hazardous to life, health or property, or those that contravene local or customs regulations. You will still need to check the specific customs regulations of the country you’re moving to:

  • Aerosols and pressurised containers.
  • Explosives , ammunition or firearms.
  • Animal products and by-products: animal exhibits or skins without appropriate import and export licences. This includes clothing, shoes or accessories made from endangered species.
  • Corrosive or flammable materials, e.g. bleach, paint stripper, petrol, firelighters or matches.
  • Drugs or medicines should be taken in hand luggage with your doctor’s authorisation letter.
  • Vegetable matter, e.g. compost, soil, straw or plants. If you are packing in gardening tools for example, make sure it’s thoroughly cleaned before packaging.
  • Perishable foods.
  • Pornographic material.

 For more information on what is and is not allowed through customs, get in touch with us. We can also assist you with documentation you may need for any other restricted items you may need when moving overseas.


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