Statistical data show that the highest moving rate of any age group belongs to the 25- to 30-year olds. This comes as no surprise, since this is generally the time in which couples opt for their walk down the aisle. After saying the “I do’s”, the logical next step is moving in together.

It’s an exciting step but nonetheless quite daunting. Navigating the world as newlyweds, while magical, does present certain challenges. The merging of two households isn’t always easy but with a few handy tips it’s possibly for the transition to be a smooth one.

Don’t Procrastinate

Complacency and procrastination are the enemies of moving day. When moving as newlyweds, you’re still seeing the world in a hazy afterglow of your nuptials. Try to enjoy the process but realize that no small amount of hard work is involved.

Don’t make the mistake of thinking that time is a completely unlimited resource. When it comes to moving day, it’s best to start planning well in advance. Much like wedding planning, the process requires concrete plans and the dedication to start working on them without delay.

Why build up the stress factor when you can get things done simply, and well before the deadline. There’s absolutely no need to feel rushed and pressured – that’s how we end up forgetting important details. Get to work as soon as possible and it’ll be smooth sailing.

Create an Inventory

You’ve both lived separate lives and no doubt have accumulated a lifetime’s worth of bits and bobs. Moving as newlyweds means you’re trying to combine two lives seamlessly; a process that requires no small amount of forethought. Taking inventory of your possessions allows you to take stock of what’s important, what’s useful, what’s sentimental, and what you simply don’t need anymore.

Take the time to make an accurate and detailed list of your possessions and make sure that your spouse does the same. It’s the best way to make sure you won’t have any duplicates in your new home together. Similarly, you’ll be able to discover any necessary items that are missing from both of your collections, and jot down anything that needs to be purchased for your new house.

Remember, you’re moving forward in life, so this is a good time to get a fresh start.

Only Take What You Need

Moving into a new home presents you with the perfect opportunity to “trim the fat.” Only pack belongings that you’re going to need in the foreseeable future. Anything you don’t really want or need can be gifted to friends, sold, donated to charity, or recycled.

The less you take with you into your new home, the less expensive your move will be. Don’t underestimate the benefits of a reduced shipping weight – that’s money a newlywed couple could be spending elsewhere.

Be a Team

With so many changes in your lives – both as individuals and as a couple – it can be difficult to see the wood for the trees. When moving as newlyweds, it’s important to hold onto a positive attitude and to be a little more flexible in your approach.

Use this as a team building opportunity. You’re more likely to adapt healthily to these changes if you work together. This is the perfect time to start learning how to compromise; it’s going to be a constant theme for the rest of your lives together.

Tough decisions are going to crop up. This is a fantastic time to learn how to hurdle obstacles constructively, rather than allowing heightened tension to get the better of you.


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