There are times when a DIY approach is suitable, then there are times where it is not. Self-propelled home removals are doable, to a certain degree, but they certainly are not as safe. Hiring a professional moving company saves time and effort, which in the long run saves money as well. It’s all about perspective.

Is there a method to this, or is it just madness?


The success of any removal depends largely on a number of external factors. On the actual day of the move, transport is often a major issue. Whether you are moving across town, across the country, or even across global borders, the right vehicles make an enormous difference in the safety of your possessions. Loading possessions onto these vehicles is another major challenge. Professionals with packing experience know how to carefully arrange each item for the best fit – like a compartment filled with sturdy, steady Jenga blocks.


Professional movers are time savers. They know what needs doing and they get it done in record time. At Monarch Relocations we have a wealth of connections in the moving industry. Every aspect of your move is taken care of. So while you would still be sitting on hold with various service providers, we have your removal tailored from start to finish in what seems like the blink of any eye. From transport and packing equipment to every type of human resource, we have you covered.

This won’t happen to you with Monarch Relocations.



If you are moving long distance or abroad, storage is a major concern. Part of the human condition is to accumulate possessions. While we encourage you not to live your life like an episode of Hoarders, we understand the importance of hanging on to valuable and sentimental items. Finding the appropriate storage place can be a challenge, particularly if you are not entirely aware of the costs involved. Gathering quotes from various storage facilities can be a headache, not least of all because you need to evaluate the security and additional services involved. With connections in all major centres across the globe, Monarch guarantees competitive pricing with all the necessary features to keep your precious belongings safe both within South Africa and abroad.


Insurance is a major calling card in the relocations and removals process. Taking the DIY approach means that you may not be covered in the event of an unfortunate incident. Similarly, attempting to find the right insurance coverage on your own could lead to high costs and residuals. Monarch Relocations offers clients insurance coverage tailored to their specific needs, providing coverage for their possessions while in transit. For us, it truly is all about improving the relocation experience in every possible way.In our efforts to redefine current moving standards, we take on the entire relocation or removal process from A through Z. The thought of such a life-changing event is stressful enough, and we feel it is our duty to lift some of the burden.


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