With Africa being the fastest growing global market after Asia, there is a constant flow of people moving to Cape Town for corporate, commercial and entrepreneurial opportunities. Top of the list of relocation destinations is the Western Cape, specifically Cape Town. Also known as “The Mother City”, it is renowned for its natural beauty, developed infrastructure, cultural diversity and an irresistible lifestyle.

As with every city, there are pros and cons, and here we look at a few important components of your move, and how to plan ahead for each.


In most areas of Cape Town, you’ll be spoiled for choice whether you prefer an exclusive eco-estate, luxury apartment or affluent villa – there are plenty location options from forests and natural fynbos, to mountains or beautiful beaches to choose from.

Expat Cape Town has excellent tips and advice for families relocating to Cape Town in their Housing Guide. Property prices can be notoriously high in the more in-demand areas, so it would be advisable to rent in your preferred area first to get a better feel for the location, services, routes and the local property market.


Generally, people drive from the suburbs into Cape Town city centre. The large network of freeways and dual carriage M-roads makes navigating in and around the city pretty straight forward. But be warned, traffic can be a nightmare, so if you have a flexi-time work option it can cut your travel time in half. Public transport isn’t at the level of other major global cities, although if you live in or near Somerset West, the Metrorail Business Express is a great option – much cheaper, quicker and less stressful – with a morning coffee and newspaper included in your fare.


Whether a fitness addict or a nature lover, you’re sure to find plenty to see and do in Cape Town. There are many beautiful nature trails ranging from easy family-friendly routes to more challenging trails that appeal to trail runners and hikers. Membership to nature reserves is reasonable, with annual fees only a few hundred rands. With the long hot summers and mild winters, you can enjoy these venues throughout most of the year.

Entertainment is world-class – Cape Town has excellent restaurants, nightclubs and leisure venues. With several wine regions an easy day trip from the city, all tastes are well-catered for, whether you prefer an exclusive boutique experience or a more casual family day out – many wine estates cater for kids too, with plenty activities to keep the youngsters entertained.

Food and craft markets have become really popular – there are several excellent ones to choose from both in the city and out in the suburbs. This guide will help you find one close by.


In most areas, there are excellent private schools, with fees being significantly less than their global counterparts and the curriculum on par with many leading international schools. It’s worth looking at the state schools in your area too before you decide, as there are some really well-run, government-funded or subsidised primary and secondary schools in the Western Cape. Acceptance to these, however, is based on the location of your residence and the catchment area of the school, although if your child is joining the higher grades it’s likely there will be a place available.

Cape Town is a colourful, vibrant city with so much to offer. Take the time to research, explore and enjoy your new home.

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