Black bin bags aren’t the most glamorous household item, that’s for sure. Before you chuck your empty trash into a box with your other cleaning supplies, you might want to consider the following uses for these underappreciated bits and bobs.

1. Storing Lighter Items

 While they’re obviously not the sturdiest packing material, you may wish to consider using black bags to store stuffed animals, bedding, pillows, and similar items. Just be sure not to fill them too much lest they tear on their journey. Consider using them to pack items that you’ll be transporting with you, anything that doesn’t need too much protection on a bumpy ride.

2. Keeping the Dust and Rain Out

Certain items will need an extra protective layer between them and the elements. Your TV, despite being securely bubble-wrapped or blanketed, will benefit from an extra layer of plastic around the outside of its protective shell. Boxes of books and important documentation should also be protected against any unexpected rain showers.

If you have any boxes that don’t close properly all the way, line them with black bags to prevent any unwanted damage. You’ll have an internal waterproof layer as an additional bonus.

 3. Keeping Your Floors Clean

 Come rain or shine, moving can sometimes be a messy business. You’ll be pacing in and out of the house, and the movers will be trekking to and fro as well. Outdoor dirt will find its way into your home. To save yourself the schlep of a heavy clean up, line your floors with black plastic bags that can be easily disposed of once everyone has exited the house.

 4. Protect Your Hanging Clothes

 If you’re not particularly keen on rumpling your hanging clothes, simply scoop them out of your cupboard (still on their hangers) and slip a black bag over them. Poke the necks of the hangers out through the top of the bags, and you’ll be able to hang your clothes up in your car during the move.

 There might be several other ways to use these bags during your moving preparations. Often, a little creativity is all it takes to come up with simple (yet ingenious) solutions.


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