Whether you’re moving a large or small distance, small apartment or huge home, moving can be stressful. Sorting, packing and transporting everything to your new home requires a great deal of planning and a super organised schedule. In addition to this, there are other practical things to consider when deciding when your ideal time to move is. 

Time of Month

Most people move at the end or the very beginning of the month. If you’re flexible and able to plan your move mid month, it can favourably impact availability, cost and time. Chat to us well in advance about flexible moving options.

Day of the Week

Weekends are usually jam-packed for removal companies. Should you opt to move early in the week availability is likely to be more flexible, as is cost and operational efficiency due to less demand on the removals teams. 

Ideal Seasons

Where possible, moving during spring or autumn is your best bet. Weather conditions are milder and school holidays allow for a more flexible schedule, without the rush of the year-end summer holidays. 

Most importantly there is huge benefit to hiring a professional removals company. Here at Monarch our comprehensive removals services ensure the process of moving home is as simple and stress-free as possible – we’re known for our  5-star service regardless of when you move. 


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