Packing is a time-consuming task, one that very few people enjoy. Unfortunately, there’s really no way around it. Like ripping off a Band-Aid, it simply has to be done! You might be well-versed in the all the traditional packing tips floating around. No doubt you’ve had advice from virtually everyone on the subjects of labelling boxes and the like.

We’re about to offer something a little different; some packing tips from the tricky side of the fence.

surprising packing tips

Lesser Known Packing Tips & Tricks For Moving

1. Roll your clothes instead of folding them.

Surprisingly enough, rolling clothes saves space and enables you to pack more items within the same pace.

2. Use socks to pack more socks.

If you treat your socks like nesting dolls they’ll take up less space inside your luggage.

3. Pack a “survival bag” with items you will need until your boxes arrive.

Bear in mind the circumstances relating to weather, upcoming family celebrations, work, school, children’s entertainment – make sure you have all your bases covered in case there’s a delay with your moving boxes.

4. Prioritize the things you pack in your survival bag.

At the bottom of your bag, place your “in-case” items  like a jacket or sweater. On top, pack things you will need immediately, like another set of clothes, underwear, a towel, and toiletries.

5. Clothes that are on the verge of being thrown away could be packed with you and used until the clothes in your boxes arrive.

One you’re done with them, ditch them. One less item to pack and arrange – bonus!

6. Once labelled, take one photo of each box you have packed.

Instead of making pesky lists with boxes, just photograph them to keep easy track. When the movers arrive with your possessions, you will be able to tell immediately if anything’s amiss.

7. Save money by using your own towels, blankets and sheets for packing/protecting your possessions inside the truck.

Remember that you will need to wash these items afterwards. Use scruffy rags if you intend to throw them away.

8. Fill in the blanks.

If there are empty spaces in your boxes, like when you’ve packed a vase, for example, you can use some clothing or fluffy toys as protection inside and around the item.

packing tips and tricks

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